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Newly registered domain databases and downloading them

What is a database domain?

A simple definition of a database domain is the data type used by a column in databases. This data type can be a built-in type (such as an integer or a string) or a custom type that defines constraints on the data.

Data entry and domains

When one enters data into an online form of any kind, whether it is their name and email or a job application, a database stores their input behind the scenes. That database evaluates their entries based on a set of criteria.

For example, if one enters a ZIP code, the database expects to find five numbers (or five numbers followed by a hyphen then four numbers for a complete U.S. ZIP code). If he or she enters their name into a zip code field, the database gives them an error.

That’s because the database tests their entry against the domain defined for the zip code field. A domain is basically a data type that can include optional restrictions.

Aspects to consider in order to understand databases domain

To understand a database domain, let’s consider a few other aspects of a database:

A database schema defines a set of attributes, also called columns or fields. A table called “Contact Information” may include attributes for First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, and Email.

Each attribute incorporates a domain that defines allowable values, potentially including its data type, length, values, and other details.

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