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SendInBlue reviews & Analysis: Pros and cons 2022

If you are a business owner, You definitely know about the value of a good email marketing tool and how a good email marketing tool can help you to grow your business.

Every business owner must create a strong email marketing strategy that really helps you to grow your business by connecting with your target audience. And yes you will definitely generate leads and sales with a good email marketing tool.

And SendinBlue is an email marketing tool that fulfills all your requirements, Yes SendInBlue is the king of email marketing. More than 100 million emails send every day by sendinblue and more than 175,000 users are using this tool in 160+ countries.

So, Let’s have a look at pros and cons of sendInblue email marketing tool:


1.Offers Free Plan: One of the best part of SendinBlue email marketing tool is they have free plan, if you are new and do not know which email marketing tool will be more efficient and easy to use, you can surely check their services by taking their free plans.

In the free plan, you can send up to 300 emails on daily basis and you will get access of unlimited contacts. Which is really good to know about their services.

2.Offers SMS Campaign: yes by purchasing this tool not only you can use this tool as an email marketing tool but also you can use this tool for SMS marketing.

They have a complete package of contact management, A/B testing, excellent reports, and so on. So, yes this tool will be really helpful for those who need a complete package in one stop.

3.Easy CRM functionality:  Almost all CRM features they provide to their customer-

                                                 1.Email templates

                                                2.Email automation

                                                3.Analytics in details

                                                4.Powerfull Api

                                                5.Drag & Drop Editor

                                                6.And Plugins also available

4.Best at Email Automation: With these features, you can send e-mail time to time to your customer to generate more leads and increase your sales and revenue. You can send time-to-time emails to subscribers and your targeted audience.

5.Good service in less price: Though they provide a free plan as well for the beginner to know about their service, their basic plan is starting at $25 per month and if you purchase their plan for the next 1 year, You will get an additional 10% off as well, which is really good for anyone. And I must say that SendInBlue is providing great service in less price.

6.East to use services and Features: After login in to their site, you will get the main menu at the top bar for your campaign, contact management, automation for the newsletter, send email to subscribers all options you can access from there. Their interface is very much easy to understand for any beginner.

Let’s have a look at features, they are providing:

                1.A/B testing

                2.Drag & drop

                3.Email Templates

                4.Click Through Tracking

                5.Spam Check

                6.Spam Compliance tool

                7.Automatic responds facility

                8.Buil multiple form

                9.Html source editing

                10.Unsubscribe tool

                11.Subscribe database and unsubscribe database

                12.Email Scheduling

                13.Link social media to emails

                14.List Segmentation option

                15.Preview Inbox option

                16.Mailing list importing

                17.Email analytics and analyzing

And so on…

7.Transactional Email Services: By using these features you can make a payment transaction with your customer, you just need to send a transactional email to your customer for the payment and he can pay you via your email, and the best part you can automate this feature as well.


1.Initial setup is quite tough: If you are a beginner, it will be quite tough to create an initial setup for using their email marketing tool, you might also need to hire someone to manage your email marketing.

2.Limitation in their basic plan: If you are a new marketer, it is quite tough to start with their basic plan, there are some restrictions in their lite plan like they do not provide phone support, for new marketers, it is important to get instant help from their team.

But they provide email support for the lite plan. And also you will not get access to the landing page. It would be more helpful if they include these two features in their lite plan…

Overall, We will definitely recommend you to purchase their service, as they are one of the oldest companies and have a good reputation in this field.

If still, you have any confusion that which email marketing tool and which plan you should buy according to your needs, you can feel free to contact us for the suggestion, we do provide free support for any kind of query, you can chat with us via our WhatsApp.

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