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Pros And Cons Of GoDaddy Web Hosting Service



GoDaddy web hosting service is best for beginner for website builder. They use ADI which means Artificial Design intelligence to create your website faster and easier.

Go Daddy established in 1997 in Maryaland, United States and this company is one of the oldest company in Web Hosting.

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Pros of Godaddy Web Hosting:

1.LAODING SPEED: Page loading speed is really good if your going with their standard plan. Though they have not mention anywhere about their exact speed.

2.GOOD UPTIME: As we all know uptime is one of the most important parts to buy web hosting. And GoDaddy is performing good in this field. Their uptime is 99.9%, though they do not reveal their exact uptime value, what the second decimal after 99.9

3.BEST HOSTING FOR BEGINNER: Yes, if you are a newcomer then you can go ahead with GoDaddy, their 1 click installation of WordPress and control panel is very useful for any beginner.

4.PLAN DURATION: They have a short time plan. So if you want to try to create a website and do not know the future of the site. And you are trying to build a website just for learning purposes then it will really attract you to buy GoDaddy Web Hosting.
They have even 1 monthly plan for any web hosting.

5.MONEY BACK POLICY: They are also providing a money-back guarantee for 30 days, yes after using their service if you find it is not reliable for your website, you can easily claim for money back.

6.Customer Service: Their customer service is quite good but I would quote them as award-winning customer service. During making this blog I had a conversation with one of their customer executive, But I do not find him as much as informed about GoDaddy web hosting.
They were even unable to provide their “Uptime”, “Exact Speed” and ” how many sites have been created by GoDaddy”.

Actually I was trying to find out the exact numbers of Uptime & Speed of Godaddy through a reliable way. As they do not mention on their site as well about this information.

7.WONDERFUL HOSITNG SERVICE: Their price quite high but their hosting service is really upto the mark. One can trust their service as they are providing since 1997.

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Cons of GoDaddy Web Hosting:

1.High INTRODUCTORY PRICE: Yes, Their introductory price is quite high than Bluehost, Hostgator, and another site. Their price is starting at $5.99/Mo, which may be quite difficult for a beginner who is thinking to buy a domain.

2.HIGH RENEWAL RATE: As their starting price is high as well as their renewal rate is also as compared to other web hosting companies, which really may bother you to buy this hosting service.

3.HIGH RESTORATION FEES: While most of the company is providing free service to restore a website. GoDaddy is charging for the same and sometimes this charge as high as $300

4.NO CHAT SUPPORT: As I also informed in the above section that GoDaddy support service is quite poor as compare to others web hosting company.

5.BASIC PLAN HAS LOW FEATURES: As you already get to know that their plan charge is high quite high. Similarly if you purchasing a their economy plan you cannot access most of their features while others hosting service is providing the same service.

So.yes, This was all about GoDaddy web hosting and if you still have any confusion that which hosting service should you use for your website and which plan will be fit for you. Feel free to contact me I would like to help you and guide you to choose the best hosting service from best web hosting company. You can directly send me a text on WhatsApp at (91)-8910445695

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