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GoDaddy Vs Bluehost review

”GoDaddy Vs Bluehost in 2022” Which one is Superior? Guess?

Bluehost and Godaddy both are doing pretty good at their platform. They both ( Godaddy vs Bluehost in 2021) have a good reputation in the market and both are seemed to be like by people all over the world. They both have created hosting dam easy for normal people all over the world.

But they both have some drawback too, like GoDaddy seem to inject javascript code into the websites that couldn’t be removed.

Bluehost is run by EIG, the biggest hosting company, which runs more than 70+ different services and they have been issues with some outages.

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After all these small drawbacks also, they are doing great in the hosting market.

Now if one want to know which one is best, Godaddy vs bluehost, they have to look into details. One will have to read every aspect of both site or you can just read this, to get a clear difference, which will indeed help you to choose perfect hosting site.

So now let us know in detail about Godaddy and Bluehosting, they both are the two of the largest and empowered domain registrar that empowered people with a great and creative ideas to succeed online. You have to just buy a domain name which is quite affordable in today’s date.

They both are known by people from the times of 1990s and from then on they were well known on the internet.

Obviously comparing that time, to now, everything have changed almost, so accordingly they both have also changed their positioning, pricing and services several times over the past decade.

The differences between the two are not much but we are here to show you which is the best hoster, Godaddy vs Bluehost?

Which will help you to select the best, altough they are the leading brands of market and to differenciating them is quite tricky.

Overall Bluehost score one point more then go daddy by offering better charge, support and value for money

Go daddy reach into domain registration and website building, making it an easy platform for begginers, this is there leverage in the competition.

To know in detail about both click the links below


or you can just continue reading on.

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lets just break down the details and points of the two on the basis of strengths and weaknesses,this will help you to learn and know faster:

  • features and ease of use
  • price and value for money $
  • word press integration, which one has better?
  • which has a better switching process?
  •   Bluehost vs Godaddy support
  • Conclusion on Bluehost and Godaddy

FEATURES AND EASE OF USE : Both are great in there featue and performance but bluehost get a extra point by giving free backups . Where as Godaddy is charging some amount for it,it charge amout but it give overall best performance too.

Bluehost disk space is of about 100 gigabytes whereas Godaddy hosting gives an unlimited disk space, that is a plus point for Godaddy because once you start doing businesses and you try to expand your network online then obviously you will want unlimited harddisk space.

The control panel of the two are same that is Cpanel.

Free backup is only a feature in Bluehost whereas Godaddy does’nt provide such leaverage

The uptime of Bluehost is 99.98% whereas Godaddy uptime is about 99.97% so they both provide a great uptime. Bluehost is giving minute extra uptime which also a plus point for differentiating between the two

PRICE AND VALUE FOR MONEY: The main reason a lot of people are here is to find out a cheaper and fair option between the two, Bluehost vs Godaddy are perfectly safe and realiable hosting options.

But if you want to go for a cheaper option then choose Godaddy as it offers the best value for money. Bluehost is quite costly as compared to Godaddy but with better price comes better thing. So they offer great features such as unlimited email account, unlimited MySQL database, and some more great services.

They Both offer  30 days money back guarantee, which can help you to select between the two pratically

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* wordpress integration: Who has better?

It would be sad and partial to not giving its own section when comparing hosting providers. In both hosting the third wheel, of WordPress is arranged.

Bluehost is the best provider of wordpress integration, their wordpress integration is easy to use and comfy. WordPress themselves recommend” Bluehost as the best of the hosting world”.

Installing on Bluehost is done with one click, you can have a functioning website within a minute. Bluehost understands the importance of wordpress integration, so their power in wordpress cant be rewind.

But sadly go daddy doesn’t provides such a powerful . They also have wordpress but it take some time to install and its not very easy to understand.

Which has a better switching process?

If you already have a hosting giver and you are looking to switch to bluehost vs go daddy. Then clearly you will not want to be grab in any kind of technical issues that might give you stress and headache in future. The both are good at switch process no one will you bulk of headache if you want to switch, but you are to know, who is the best? obviously.

Bluehost rank a little more point in the switching process. They offer a professional switching service for a one-time fee of $149.99.which migrate up to 5 websites and 20 email accounts.

Bluehost team will do all word of switching either from old account to new or complete migration everything will be done by them you will just have to sit and give over to them.

On the other hand, Godaddy is a little hard to understand. Obvious they don’t charge any money for switching and it can be done with practice

They don’t provide a one-hand process of migration, not a wordpress website can be done easily.

Nonwordpress website has to be migrated manually which mean downloading your website’s file from your old hosting provider to the go daddy. These can be migrated to go daddy in the ” my products” section of an existing go daddy account, where you will choose your hosting plan and give information of the site which you like to transfer.

*Bluehost vs Godaddy support which is better?

knowlegable help and support is very valuable in hosting. When we dont understand any technical thing then supporter act as a great helper.

bluehost offer great customer support then  Godaddy as it offer spport tickets where as Godaddy dont offer such thing they just have a normal calling system. By offering support ticket bluehost solves many websites issue in an easy way.

bluhost knowledge is more comprehensive as compare to Godaddy.


There is no doubt that Bluehost and Godaddy both are the world largest hosting site. One having any of them will not regret for why i choosed Bluehost over Godaddy, visevers.

They both tries their best to provide you great idea to capture the world through  online network. We are here to find out true difference, whether to choose Bluehost or i should go for Godaddy?

If you will ask my true opnion, i will suggest you to go for bluehost,i know it is quite costly but we have heard a pharse  called never choose :”always choose quality over money”.

Yes, I agree Godaddy is quite cheaper than Bluehost but they charge for money for reason obviously. They provide great services like unlimited hard disk space, unlimited email account, one minute wordpress integration, and many more like this.

Godaddy also offer great services, they are just one step back the bluehost so it dosn’t mean that it is worse. It is cheap and money matter for everyone who is wanting a new hosting.

I will suggest you open a domain account in one of them, just give it a try and we know they offer a money-back guarantee after 30 days. No doubt whichever you will choose will help you to boom your business online. It will give you a great experience for marketing.

Thank you for reading this.

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