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Reviews On Kinsta Web hosting And Its Pros And Cons 2021


 Kinsta Web Hosting is the best WordPress hosting for any kind of business be it small or large. It was found on 13 December 2013 by a WordPress developer named Mark Gavalda. The Kinsta team works for its clients from all over the world. Kinsta has its headquarters in London and owns a second in Budapest. Let’s have a look on Reviews On Kinsta And Its Pros And Cons 2021


  Kinsta is custom-tailored to host WordPress sites, and it shows in part thanks to:

  • Free WordPress hacking fix: this is an interesting security feature, where one can get precedence in case something goes awfully wrong. One can put their site on maintenance mode through Kinsta.
  • Free premium migrations:  if someone is moving their site to Kinsta for the first time then it’s free on cost. Migration is done by WordPress.
  • Server-level caching: they have a full page caching combined with a free CDN and their own Kinsta cache plugin. All of it is automated based on some definite activities, for example, publishing a new post.
  • WooCommerce optimization: for WordPress online stores, the caching is created differently, for instance by not caching shopping cart pages, which helps with the vacate process.

Features Of Kinsta

1.) Speed obsessive architecture:- they use ultra -modern technology like Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs so that the website loads in a very short period of time. Featuring automatic scalability, high availability, and complete resource isolation.

  • Nginx
  • LXD containers
  • PHP 8.0
  • MariaDB.

2.)High security network:- kinsta take all sorts of measures to stop attacks and spiteful intent in its tracks. unbroken monitoring for uptime, DDoS attack detection, software-based restrictions, SSL support, and hardware firewalls. Bottom line: our site is monitored and secured 24/7.

  • DDoS detection
  • Hardware firewalls
  • Uptime monitoring
  • SSL support

3.)Next generation infrastructure:- Only the best technology is employed at Kinsta, in both server hardware and software that they run. They always have the latest structure version installed and up to date.

4)Google cloud platform:-Active by Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers. All the things are interconnected over its premium level network, created to reduce distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure conduction of the data.

5)Free site migration:- moving our site to Kinsta won’t be a tough job. Their magnificent team handles everything for their clients. A temporary domain is assigned to the migrated site and everything is looked over before going live

6)Uptime Checks:- every two minutes Kinsta checks the status of all websites They can translate to 720 checks for each site every day. It allows us to take in-charge by allowing us react to issues before it affects a lot of visitors.

7)Expert WordPress support:- WordPress is the number one priority at Kinsta. It is very fluent with WordPress and has experience in fixing problems, maintaining server, plugin building and theme maintenance, and many more.

8)One unified dashboard management:- Regardless of what the client wants be it adding a new site, clone a WordPress, deploy a staging server, viewing detailed site analytics, requesting a migration, it’s all available there.

Plans and Pricing of Kinsta

 Kinsta Web Hosting regales to a lot of different sitesranging from $30 – $1500 per month. The Kinsta has so many plans is that each of them is subdivided based on the number of websites one can run, monthly visits, storage, and CDN storage, which according to me other websites fail to provide

There are a  number of plans which includes plenty of features such as the following:

  • The customer support is excellent. It is only through chat, but their agents are first-class, and they work all day.
  • WordPress-specific site architecture (read: better and faster)
  • They provide with staging environment to test website before making changes.
  • Premium migrations are free(concierge service). The clients can get 1, 2 or 3 depending on your plan.
  • limitless basic migrations from other hosts through a WordPress plugin.
  • 30-day money back assurance.
  • Push-button Database optimization.
  • Push-button daily and manual backup points

Now for specific plans, the names are pretty much straight-forward.

STARTER: Good for a small scale WordPress hosted business website or blog. One might need to upgrade the next plan if dealing with heavy files for example as a photographer or videographer.

PRO: Greatly appropriate for small – medium business websites. A big blog can also go on that plan too, but Kinsta doesn’t actually approve of it for an online store.

BUSINESS 1: this is where things become weighty in terms of storage and monthly visitors. It also has twice the amount of PHP workers per site as the previous plan.

Pros and Cons of Kinsta Web Hosting

Pros of Kinsta Web Hosting:

1.) It’s blazing fast:- It is known that speed is everything .A faster loading page not only match-up with higher conversions, longer average visitor duration and decrease in bounce rates, and also much better SEO.

2.) Cloud-based infrastructure made for speed:- If we dig a little deeper into Kinsta’s build. Its most distinctive feature is that it unique offers Google cloud server hosting.

This makes its groundwork basically different from the traditional shared of its competitors. This offers users some pretty good advantages with regards to speed, reliability, scalability, and flexibility.

Kinsta is enlisted in Google Cloud’s Premium Tier, which implies Kinsta users can comprehend the highest levels of performance, speed, and security.

3.) Software turbocharge you:- Kinsta is secured with ‘speed-obsessed architecture’ via technologies like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD software containers, and MariaDB.

There are various add-ons ands plug-ins that we could talk about and fill pages typing about it but the one thing that the users ate surely going to use is CDN. Kinsta allies with KeyCDN, a fantastic HTTP/2 and IPv6-enabled content delivery network.

4.) 99.9% Uptime guaranteed:- Kinsta provides an SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee. This vote of confidence is a clear result of its cloud-hosting infrastructure.

Cloud hosts are much more reliable at keeping websites online by nature. Kinsta web hosting also offers continuous monitoring and uptime checks every minute. If they are unable to correct error response codes within half-n -hour, the user’s account will be credited.

5.) Awesome technical support:- Kinsta’s support team is their strength. They have expert WordPress developers and Linux hosting engineers. This implies that they have the best technical support in the market. They even brag that they hire only 1% of their applicants.

6.) Simple set-up and migration:- Creating an account on Kinsta precisely takes seconds, then comes their new dashboard and a wealth of resources that  helps everyone – from total beginners, to seasoned developers.

7.) Peace of mind:- They have a great deal of tools to keep the site safe and secured such as  daily backups, manual backups, event backups. Some of the security features are SSL support and hardware firewalls, round-the-clock-monitoring, Automatic updates of security patches, name servers etc,.

8.) Great traffic spikes:- In situations like unexpected traffic surge, Kinsta’s amalgamation with the Google Compute Engine lets a website’s container scale dramatically to as many CPUs as needed.

As the cloud auto-scales to manage the load, so your WordPress site can remain online without crashing. Kinsta also provides an Exponential Traffic Spikes and Surges Upgrade specifically mapped out to address such massive traffic events if the user knows that they are about to happen.

9.) Optimized for e-commerce:- Business owners using WordPress can make the best use of Kinsta’s support and management tools such as,Fast server level page caching actually certain pages that are never to be cached such as, cart, my account and checkout are not included from caching.

10.) It’s Nearly Hands-off:- Kinsta has a many features that provide an proper environment for their clients to keep improving your website, without needing to worry about technical issues.

Cons of Kinsta Web Hosting:

Although Kinsta has some great pros and is highly recommended to both an amateur and an expert yet it has some flaws as well.

1.) Steep Price Point:-Kinsta is a high-quality WordPress hosting solution. Hence it comes with a premium price tag. The monthly cost is quite high, with the standard level costing $30 per month. This even higher up to $900 per month in the price for its pre-eminent plan. Yet it is two months free for the users who buy it on yearly basis, nevertheless, its cost is still high enough to demoralize smaller businesses.

 2.) No Email Hosting:-. They have written steps on how to set-up and email hosting service.

3.) No Telephone Support:- Unalike its competitors Kinsta does not provide phone support for its customers. For most of the people, there is some comfort in being able to pick up the phone and  discuss their problems with a human voice right away. As it feels easy to solve all types of problems be it big or small.


1.Kinsta Vs WP Engine:- This could be farther explained in few points as following:-

A look at migrations. WP Engine’s migration comprises of a do-it-yourself Automated Migration plugin. Although it’s quick and easily activated, it may be confusing to some users who are new to web hosting. However, migration on Kinsta is an easy, simple-minded affair. The user just has to request the migration and leave it to their expert team to handle.

Look at customer support:- WP Engine brags about their award-winning customer support. Its average response time of under 3 minutes, with 90% of support contacts resolved in that session which is impressive. WP Engine also serves 24 hours phone support – on the flip side Kinsta is unable to provide phone support. This could be because their employee base is larger than Kinsta’s relatively small team.

A look at scalability:-Kinsta offers a number of plans while WP Engine offers only 5, but every Kinsta is benefited from the same auto-scaling cloud infrastructure, regardless.

This means that users of Kinsta who want to enhance their site to the next level will find the process fairly smooth and continuous. In juxtaposition, WP Engine may make use of shared or dedicated hosting.

2. Kinsta VS SiteGround:- As mentioned, when a speed test was conducted, Siteground comes out on top as the fastest host, with an A+ rating, and surpassed Kinsta with an average response time of 148.7 ms.

At a competitive starting rate of $6.99 per month for ner users, SiteGround is undeniably more affordable than Kinsta. While comparing basic plans, it was noticed that there were a couple of speed-related features that Kinsta had, that SiteGround did not:

  • Faster search with the Elasticsearch add-on (only on Enterprise plans for SiteGround)
  • Faster database performance escorted by the Redis add-on (only on Enterprise plans for SiteGround)
  • Kinsta also does provides escorted by a premium CDN package via its partnership with KeyCDN, whilst SiteGround gives CloudFlare merger.


  Now the question is – should anyone host with Kinsta. Well, this should be decided by the needs of the user. The key point is that Kinsta isn’t cheap. Although, it is highly valuable for the right user. For website owners with lower traffic, explicitly those who are looking for all-inclusive domain registration and email hosting, Kinsta’s premium WordPress hosting solution everything they need.
At any rate – with its cloud-based architecture, obsession with speed, advanced management tools/systems, and really, really great customer support, Kinsta really is a powerful host.

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