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Hostpapa Reviews: Pros and Cons 2021

Hostpapa Reviews: It is one of the oldest web hosting company and it was established in 2006 by Jamie Opalchuk. They have built more than 500,000 websites till now. Hostpapa has its headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, and Canada.

It is an independent and private company based in Canada that provides reseller, shared, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. It is expanded among Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, European Union, France, Ireland, Belgium, and Spain.

Hostpapa operates its services in 4 languages.  In the span of 10 years, from 2006 to 2016, Hostpapa provided hosting services to more than 180,000 websites, which is an impressive number to have to be on the list of top ten web hosting companies.

One of the many advantages of using Hostpapa is that Hostpapa is well known for using Green Energy in every aspect of its operating system. Be it on its web servers, or on data centers, or the electronic devices used in their offices. It adds to the holistic and eco-friendly approach to have as a leading web hosting company that caters to sustainability.


Hostpapa Reviews: An overview of Hostpapa:

  • High uptime – 99.99% till first 12 months
  • Speed : high speed 565ms on first 12 months
  • Features: They offer almost everything
  • Support: 24*7 support
  • Apps
  • Site transfer
  • Hosting plans
  • Price: The starting price is very low and affordable.

Hostpapa Reviews- Pros of Hostpapa Web Hosting:

  • High Uptime: Hostpapa has a whopping uptime of 99%, which shows the efficiency of the web hosting company. It certainly shows the reliability of Hostpapa.
  • User-friendly service: Hostpapa provides one of the most user-friendly services to its customers. The customer reviews online states this as a better web hosting company compared to other web hosting companies.
  • Affordable Plans: Hostpapa is the only website (compared to the other websites) that provides the best possible services even with the cheapest plan of $3.95 per month only. This is not possible with other contemporary websites.

Starter pack-

Starter pack of Hostpapa is the most suitable for blogs or websites of basic level. With the cheapest and most affordable plan of $3.95.

It gives services such as Two websites, 100 GB SSD web space, 100 email addresses, free SSL certificate, and free domain registration. It provides all essential features even with this amount of sum.

Business pack-

The business pack of Hostpapa is best for small business owners, to manage and expand their business with modest amount of investment of $3.95.

This plan features unlimited websites, free SSL certificate, unlimited SSD webspace, unlimited email addresses, free domain registration, unmetered bandwidth with more advanced features.

 Business Pro pack-

The business pro pack of Hostpapa has the most incredible features for all purposes in just $12.95. The best part about this pack is that it gives the consumer complete security, with better performance and high speed operation.

It includes every features of business pack , like, unlimited SSD web space, unlimited email addresses, free wildcard SSL certificate, free domain registration etc. And with all of these features, users can get business website builder, 6 times more performance and speed and much more.

Customer Satisfaction

Hostpapa has one of the best customer services to offer. They have a 24*7 customer support around the globe. One can get help through phone, mail, email, ticketing, live chat etc with maximum accuracy.

Hostpapa wen hosting provides phone support in 18 countries in English, French, German and Spanish language. They also offer an engaging customer support feature – ‘Papa Squad Experts’ that serves through video or audio conferences.

Best Security Features

Hostpapa’s shared hosting plans include Panda Cloud antispam protection, monitoring, server firewall, intrusion detection and much more. Hostpapa’s security features are phenomenal with maximum security assured. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and free site migration

With Hostpapa’s any plans, one can get an added feature of 30 days money back guarantee as well as a free site migration if not suited well. It is only available with Hostpapa’s services. No other companies have this feature, that makes Hostpapa an exclusive website.

A reliable and reputated company to work with

Hostpapa is one of the most top rated as well as one of the most reputated company in this industry. With its extensive support, high grade services, sustainable approach towards environment.

It also adds to the best award winning companies such as Best Green Web Host award, award, Best E Commerce Hosting, 2009 Top Host Etc.

Cons of Hostpapa web hosting:

Hostpapa caters best of its services, but it also includes some of the less impressing features. Such as,

·       High Renewal price

Hostpapa gives excellent services to its customers, but it also charges almost two times of its renewal price. The cheapest plan of Hostpapa is $3.95 per month for three years.

Then it charges with Starter Plan renew at $9.99/month, Business Plan at $14.99/month, and Business Pro Plan at $23.99/month. Which is pretty high for a budget minded customer.

·       No automated backups

Hostpapa does not have automated backups for many of its plans. This comes as a disadvantage for the company as well as the customer.

Hostpapa is a very user-friendly platform for its valuable customers. It is one of the top 10 Web Hosting websites, which shows that it has long-run sustainability and is a trusted organization.

There are 500,000 and counting loyal users in this company, which shows its caliber as a leading web hosting company. For an affordable starting of one’s blog or business, Hostpapa is the best option to have.

With its phenomenal services and well conducted customer support, Hostpapa assures a satisfactory service throughout the course of the service. With maximum of its pros and just a few of cons, one can consider it as a better and more reliable option to have.

Hostpapa has its own kind of approach and reputation that goes along with the service. With the most affordable price and best services, Hostpapa is currently the best web hosting company to work with.

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