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Cloudways Review: Pros and Cons 2023

Cloudways web hosting aims at providing managed cloud hosting solutions so that their customers can focus on the business side whilst they handle their hosting competently.

Cloudways is one of those companies that offer a balance between affordability and great serviceability when it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.
It was founded in 2009 by Uzair GaditPere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit with their headquarters in Malta in Europe.

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Their offices are located in Spain and Dubai and their 30+ staff helped around 8,000 users from 43 different countries to launch 12,000+ servers and 25,000+ web apps.

Key Features of Cloudways Hosting

As compared to any other hosting company, Cloudways servers provide differing amounts of processing power, memory, bandwidth, and storage space.

Here are some points on how Cloudways can keep your WordPress site secure, fast and easy to maintain:

  1. If the users want to move hosts, Cloudways takes care of site migration.
  2. The Cloudways CDN boosts server speed. Site speed is very important for online stores.
  3. The auto-healing feature rectifies any issue, lowering the risk of the user’s site crashing.
  4. WordPress is famous all over the world for its content management system, as a result, it becomes a target for hackers. Cloudways uses a dedicated firewall to secure its user’s sites.
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
  1. Encrypt SSL is the integral part that secures communication between your site and your customers.
  2. Two-factor authentication gives an extra layer of security against attackers.
  3. Installation of apps is just one click away.
  4. Easy for set-up for new sites, establish a new site without any difficulty.
  5. 24/7 expert support is available.

Cloudways Pricing and Plans:

Cloudways has many managed to host plans that work for everyone notwithstanding site size, complexity, or budget.
Their Webhosting comprises 5 infrastructure providers where the users can choose from, and the plan prices will be varying depending on which infrastructure provider you chose to use:

  1. DigitalOcean: Plan ranges from around $10/month to $80/month, RAM from 1GB-8GB, Processors from 1 core to 4 core, storage from 25GB to 160GB, and bandwidth from 1TB to 5TB.
  2. Linode: Plan ranges from around $12/month to $90/month, RAM from 1GB-8GB, Processors from 1 core to 4 core, storage from 20GB to 96GB, and bandwidth from 1TB to 4TB.
  3. Vultr: Plan ranges from around $11/month to $84/month, RAM from 1GB-8GB, Processors from 1 core to 4 core, storage from 25GB to 100GB, and bandwidth from 1TB to 4TB.
Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!
  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Plan ranges from $86/month to $273/month RAM from 3.75GB-15GB, vCPU from 1-4, storage at 4GB across the board, and bandwidth 2GB across the board.
  2. Google Computing Engine (GCE): Plan ranges from around $80/month to 227/month RAM from 3.75GB-16GB, vCPU from 1-4, storage at 20GB across the board, and bandwidth 2GB across the board.
    These are only the featured plans. They also provide additional plans, in addition to customized plans.
Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

Be sure, these plans are pay as you go. When the there’s  (or scale back down) you can, which implies the more bandwidth the used, the more has to be paid.
Plus, all hosting plans come with 24 hour specialist support, limitless application installations, cost-free SSL certificates, and cost-free site migrations. They provide hosting plans free for 3-days

Pros and Cons of Cloudways web hosting

Pros of Cloudways Webhosting

Cloudways takes Web hosting thoughtfully and struggles to give customers the best when it comes to the 3 S’s of hosting Security Speed and Support. Hosting plans also come packed full of crucial and beneficial features that anyone, with any type of website or skill can use.

1.) Unique Cloud hosting Solution: Cloudways only provides with cloud-based hosting for website users:-

  • Simplicity and Choice
  • Worry-Free Experience
  • Performance That Scales

 So how is it different from other traditional hosting solutions, here are some reason:-

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
  • Numerous copies of the site’s content is stored on numerous servers so if the chief server goes down, the copies from other servers jumps in, reducing downtime
  • Easy migration of the site to different servers in different data centers if needed
  • Experience faster page loading time thanks to the premium CDN services and multiple server set-up.
  • Much more secured environment because each server works cooperatively and independently of one another
  • Take advantage of the resources environment so the site is never affected by others.
  • Scaling one’s site is easy by adding more resources if needed one can see a spike in traffic or growth in sales
  • Cloud hosting is pay-as-you-go so you only pay for what you need and use

2.) High-Speed Performances:- Cloudways’ servers are extremely rapid so the users know their site’s content is delivered to visitors quickly possible, irrespective how much traffic is visiting at one time.

But that’s not all. Cloudways provides with a whole host of speed-related features:

Dedicated resources: All servers have listed amount of resources because of their dedicated environment that they sit in. That means the site is never at risk because of another site’s extra use of resources, and our site’s performance is never forfeited.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Free Caching WordPress plugin: Cloudways provides their unique caching plugin, Breeze to all at customers at free of cost. All hosting plans also come with built-in advanced caches (Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis), also the Full Page Cache.

Redis support: Allowing Redis helps the database of our sites to perform better than ever. Using Apache, Nginx, and Varnish along with Redis, One never has to worry about their site’s performance.

PHP ready servers: Cloudways servers are PHP 7 ready, which is the fastest PHP version until now.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) service: Receives premium CDN services so servers spanning the globe can transfer the site’s content to site visitors based on their geographic location.

Auto-Healing servers: If the server goes down, Cloudways jumps in right away with automatic self-healing to reduce downtime.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

3.) Managed Security:- Cloudways takes in-charge of the site security, the users can trust the sensitive data to Cloudways thanks to their built-in security features:

  • OS-level firewalls that protect all servers
  • Routine patches and firmware upgrades
  • 1-click free of cost SSL certificate install
  • Two-factor authentication for your Cloudways account
  • IP whitelisting potential

4.)Stellar Customer Support:- When choosing a hosting provider, support should always be the priority. Any type of business nowadays depends on web hosting to run seamlessly.

But there can be times when things go wrong. if the users need help, they can always get in contact with responsibility for maintaining their site’s data, via LiveChat or submit a ticket through the ticketing system.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!
Team Collaboration:-It might appear strange, but Cloudways proposes a suite of features and tools depicted to helps users and the teams to collaborate and succeed

Website Monitoring:-They provide around-the-clock monitoring of the website so the users know that nothing is out of track. In addition, the user can merge their platform with their email, Slack, Hipchat, and other third-party applications.

Cons of Cloudways web hosting

Although Cloudways is a useful, extremely productive Webhosting tool, it still has a lot of drawbacks. Some of them are:-

No Domain Name Registration:-Cloudways does not offer domain name registration free of cost. That implies before signing up to use their hosting services, one needs to fix a domain name through a third-party seller. In addition, pointing the domain name to the hosting provider after getting set up can be problematic especially for neophyte website owners.

2. No Cpanel or Plex:- Cloudways Webhosting is a platform service company so traditional so professional cPanel or Plex is not available. A dedicated console is available for the management of applications hosted on the cloud server.To say nothing of, cPanel and Plesk are much more understandable, it lets us manage everything related to hosting from one suitable dashboard.

3.)No Email Hosting:- CloudwayS plans do not provide unified email accounts like so many reputated hosting providers do.

They supply email services as a separate paid add-on.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Some Of The Cloudways Alternatives

  • Kinsta
  • WP Engine
  • Siteground
  • WPX Hosting
  • A2 HostinG
  • Pantheon
  • Bitnami Cloud Hosting
  • Liquid Web Managed Hosting

Conclusion of Cloudways WebHosting

It is recommended choice as we know Cloudways is dependable and economical for all website users, notwithstanding the expertise level and the type of site.
Owing to the fact that its cloud-based platform gives us the experience of blazing fast speed, unbeatable security, and optimal site performance.

This is designed to give our site visitors the best experience possible and keep the site’s data secured from baleful activities.


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