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Review of Nexcess Web Hosting: Pros and Cons in 2021


  Nexcess Web Hosting- Around 20 years ago in a small garage in Michigan a promise was fulfilled, to provide the clients with a hosting that entitles them to create the business they want and grow with time.

They hold data centres all over the world which offer the best performance, reliability, and control. They have managed to create innovative ways that has changed the face of web hosting support and management forever.

As an alternative to Directadmin or Cpanel, Nexcess uses Siteworx as their hosting control panel. Siteworx is lighter than Cpanel or Directadmin but it fully functions. With Siteworx, one can get SSH access detail, create and manage databases, manage files, FTP, and every common hosting feature.

Pricing and Features

  Nexcess Web Hosting offers budget-friendly hosting plans for their clients with a lot of optimization. There are 5 hosting plans available:

  • SIP 100: $19.95/month, up to 100 daily visitors. 7.5 GB storage space, 75GB/month bandwidth, and hosted on 24GB ram server
  • SIP 200: $74.95/month, up to 500 daily visitors. 25 GB storage space, 125GB/month bandwidth, and hosted on 24GB ram server
  • SIP 300: $189.95/month, up to 1000 daily visitors. 55 GB storage space, 250GB/month bandwidth and hosted on 24GB ram server
  • SIP 400 (dedicated server, not shared hosting): $539.95/month, up to 5000 daily visitors. 7.5 GB storage space, 650GB/month bandwidth and hosted on 24GB ram server
  • SIP 500 (dedicated server, not shared hosting): $674.95/month, up to 10000 daily visitors. 7.5 GB storage space, 1000B/month bandwidth and hosted on 24GB ram server.

  There’s a metric that we should notice is the daily visitor number. Nexcess web hosting has a specific number of visitors each day whom they serve.

However, according to tests on many Nexcess accounts, the real number of visitors on Nexcess is much higher. As tested a store on the SIP 100 plan and even when the number of daily visitors reaches 250, my client’s website still performs well.

As Magento 2 is a devoted hosting solution provider, Nexcess web hosting has done a lot of optimizations for Magento 2.

  • Hosting running on Centos 7 server with the latest release.
  • PHP and PHP-fpm optimizations with many runtimes variables
  • PHP Opcache as PHP caching extension
  • Percona Server instead of the standard version of MySQL for database management.
  • Session caching, full-page cache
  • Varnish as HTTP reserve proxy.
  • While other hosting providers off PCI Compliance is for their expensive plan only, Nexcess offers PCI Compliance for all hosting plans.
  • PCI (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of security standards that are needed if one accepts, processes, stores or transmits credit card information to maintain a secured environment.
  • Nexcess also provides free migration, anyone can transfer to Magento 2 pro from old hosting to Nexcess for free.
Cloud Pricing on Nexcess

Hosting performance for Magento 2 website

Customer service & Support

There are 2 things to review a hosting provider’s customer service and support.

  1. First, we can record the process of solving customer’s issue with our project running on Nexcess.
  2. Second, we can collect feedbacks of Nexcess customer’s all over the internet, including social networking sites and customer reviews on different websites.

One can request for support from Nexcess in 3 ways: Phone call, Ticket system, email support. There is a big drawback here as Nexcess doesn’t provide live chat support

Nexcess next level hosting
  • Phonecall is recommended for high-priority situation.
  • Ticket is the most commonly used support method on Nexcess, one can keep track of their issues until it’s solved. Generally, support staff answers within one hour of (working time)
  • Email support: This is mostly used for asking before sales questionsif the questions are regarding technical issues the support system will create a ticket to keep in track wih the customer.

To boot the 3 options above, Nexcess web hosting also offers a knowledge library with many tutorials related to Magento, like how-to

There’s one more thing that clients adore about Nexcess is that they provide 30-day 100% money-back for those who do not like their hosting.

Pros and Cons

From the experiences of the clients using Nexcess as a Magento 2 hosting provider to host client’s websites and real user’s comments/reviews, we can condense Nexcess web hosting Pros and Cons as the following:


 1.Managed Hosting :- Nexcess cloud base keeps WordPress + WooCommerce store updated and secured. Once the account is created on Nexcess, they’ll make ensure continuity of all the associated business processes.

2.Dedicated Support Team :- Nexcess provides customer services and tech support via email and ticketing system 24/7. The services are directly based in US which ensures quality services.

3.14-days free trial :- Through the 14-days free trial the users can explore the features of the application free of cost.  The good part is there is no need of credit card for registration.

4. Website Migration :- Once an account is made with Nexcess, they will move all the files of our website. Request a migration in the portal. Migrations takes 2-5 days depending on the complexity of your website

5.Developer friendly:- All plans comes with 1-click staging. One can easily get a staging copy of production to be able to test anything.

6.Scalability:- all the palns have auto-scaling to maintain speed and security and is available free for 24/7

7. Lots of premium freebies:- After signing up for a plan with this company you get a set  of premium plugins as freebies. The premium plugins includes iThemes security pro & Sync, Astra pro, Qubely Pro, Elementor, Ninja forms, and many more.


  • Price is not that affordable
  • There are limited bandwidth and other hosting resources.
  • Hosting control panel is SiteWorx, not Cpanel or DirectAdmin. This can be problematic to new users.
  • No livechat support.



  Categories similar to Nexcess:-

  • Managed hosting
  • Webhosting
  • Virtual private servers

Compared to Nexcess, SiteGround is:

  • Better at meeting requirements
  • More usable
  • Better at support


Categories similar to Nexcess:-

  • Managed hosting
  • Web hosting

Compared to Nexcess, Kinsta is:

  • More usable
  • Better at meeting requirements
  • Gives better support


Categories similar to Nexcess:-

  • Managed hosting
  • Web hosting

Compared to Nexcess, Pantheon is:

  • More usable
  • Better at meeting requirements

Conclusion: Is it the right choice or not?

The answer should be YES. One can trust Nexcess support team, Nexcess never let’s down with their support since the very first project on Nexcess.

It is highly recommend for new Magento 2 user. Nexcess support team will help  fixing many Magento 2 issue with their on-the-spot Magento developer. If someone needs premium Magento 2 hosting they should not minf paying a little bit more, Nexcess is always a better option for Magento 2 user.

If one has a good understanding on Magento 2 platform, choosing a VPS provider is recommended for lower price and higher hardware resources.

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