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Benchmark Email marketing tool Review: Pros and Cons 2021

Benchmark email marketing tool comes with a very good feature set for almost every small business. Benchmark serves small to medium-sized businesses all the way to enterprise and a variety of different industries. Benchmark Email review shows that the simple but powerful software’s guided workflows and attractive, this delivers a user-friendly platform which is needed in email marketing.

It started with Curt and Denise Keller in the year of 2002. Today, with their hard work the business they created with a big dream, has grown into an international company having 100+ employees in 15 countries available in 9 languages.

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Pros of Benchmark Email Tool:

Free plan-. Benchmark comes with a free plan that is robust for the price tag, Benchmark email marketing tool offers cheap plans that fit nearly every budget. The Free plan allows unlimited contacts, 250 emails per month, Online support, Responsive templates, Drag-and-drop email editor, Signup forms, Basic drip campaigns, RSS email campaigns, Email delivery management, Google Analytics tracking, Unlimited video storage, 10MB of free image gallery storage and many more.

Email builder Benchmark Email offers hundreds of industry-specific themed templates containing over 500 templates. All users have access to this library, which is divided into industry-specific categories such as business, education, entertainment, and retail.

There is also a category for social media-specific templates. Using the templates you can create your own pages.

Security – Benchmark provides a spam check feature that looks for words commonly used in spam messages. It scores each email, and in the event of a high score, the program suggests better alternatives for you. Individualized IP addresses also help large-volume senders reduce their spam numbers.

Benchmark email marketing tool provides good security overall, and you can reasonably trust the security of your email communications.

Integration– Benchmark has significantly a large number of integrations seems like over 1,500+ integrations. That’s certainly above the industry average. That includes big-name integrations, like Zapier, SurveyMonkey, Facebook, PayPal, Zendesk, Shopify, Zoho, WordPress, Freshbooks, and more. Of course, with hundreds to choose from, the available integrations go far beyond that small sample.

You’ll likely be able to find exactly what you need at the company’s full library, and if you can’t, Benchmark developers are on hand to potentially create what you need ad hoc. There’s also a restful API that you can use to fill in any gaps you find. Overall, I’d say Benchmark deserves an excellent rating for the large list of integrations it offers.

Marketing observation– Benchmark Email marketing tool offers an extensive set of product features, but there are a few extras still that we didn’t cover yet. A nice addition, especially from a customer satisfaction point of view, is available in the form of a special surveys and polls section.

This feature comes with several survey templates, such as the ‘services provided’, ‘event participation’, and ‘company satisfaction’ surveys. The surveys come with a dedicated report section as well, so it becomes really beneficial to get to know your customers and the way they feel about surveys and products.

Landing pages With a few simple steps, you can create a branded landing page, using Benchmark’s drag-and-drop builder. Or start with a landing page template and add your own touches.


Reporting Benchmark’s email reports are quite fast. Benchmark provides users with stats for clicks, forwards, bounces, unsubscribes, and abuse. Each stat further breaks down to the exact email addresses associated with a given action. Users can export this data for further analysis via a CSV or XLS file.

There is also a social media area that reports shares via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, as well as a map that breaks down who opens your emails by country. When I sent my first email, I checked reports to see what information was going to be measured.


I noticed right away that each link has its separate click-through-rate tracking percent in the rectangular box shown under the links in the image below. This distinction is something that will help a marketing team figure out which story in a newsletter was most popular or which offer did the best, for example.

Does your online marketing plan deliver? Set the bar higher with Benchmark Email.

Autoresponses: With the Pro plan, you can create automations based on birthdays, reminder dates, or engagement automation (e.g., after a contact opens an email or clicks on a specific link). Automation LITE can be used with the free plan to create a welcome email.

Low introductory price– it does not require a credit card. Users of the Free plan will have to pay a relatively small price for getting access to free Benchmark email marketing. 

If you have more than 250 contacts, or you want to get into all of Benchmark’s features, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. But the good news is that Benchmark’s pricing plans inch up based on the number of contacts.

You can easily determine exactly what you’ll pay by using its online calculator feature. Pro pricing is available for up to 100,000 contacts. To sum up this pricing roundup, Benchmark delivers an exemplary value for the price, including a generous try-before-you-buy free plan.

Excellent customer support- Benchmark offers its users a lot of support resources. Customer service is generally responsive, with minimal waiting times.

The site offers good learning resources that I was able to find easily through searching the database. Customer support available 24/7 in many ways i.e. via phone, email. live chats, blogs. Benchmark offers support in nine different languages from its international offices. they respond in 24 hours or less.

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With Inbox Checker, see what your design looks like in all email clients before it’s delivered.


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Cons of Benchmark Email Tool:

Limitation of features– there has some limitation. It need photo editor and interface improvement. They have Restrictive email editor.

Usage limits– Sometimes I feel limited when customizing campaign templates because there are segments in the template design in which I cannot add colors, letters or designs, which sometimes frustrates me so that the designs are the way I want them to be, this is something that needs to be improved, among other negative characteristics I have to emphasize that I have nothing else to mention since the effectiveness of this service is impressive.

Benchmark is user-friendly with a brand-new, stripped-back interface that’s clean and simple – getting familiar with the system takes no time at all which increases its rating in the international market.  It doesn’t take much effort to get up to speed on how to use it, it’s good value for the money.

Its flexible templates, Drag & Drop editor, Reports section with automatic reports per feature, Extensive integration options leave little room for improvement. Benchmark is a fantastic option for anyone who just wants to start email marketing particularly small, local businesses.

Benchmark gives a simple email marketing program with a host of great features, Benchmark is an excellent choice for newcomers. It offers a generous try-before-you-buy option and provides a lot for the money with its paid levels. It also gives excellent support, and the company sensitively handles its users.

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