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Reviews of ActiveCampaign : PROS AND CONS 2021

ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based software platform, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Later the company changed from on-premises to software on service business, its main focus is marketing and sales automation. As of now, ActiveCampaign has 90,000 clients. This company was founded in 2003 by Jason Vandeboom with headquarters in Indianapolis; Sydney, Australia, and Dulin, Ireland.

  Some of the most important features of active campaign are:-

1.Sending emails:- ActiveCampaign has a well-built website with professional-looking templates.

2.Marketing Automation:-automation builder is the strength of ActiveCampaign. We can easily put all our automated campaigns and build customized templates.

3.Sales and CRM:-when closing sales and deals with ActiveCampaign we’ll notice that there’s removal of a lot of manual work.

4.Landing Page:- With ActiveCampaign landing page we can convert traffic into potential customers.

5.Chat and SMS:- ActiveCampaign joins email marketing and on-site messaging to give a better overall experience to the customers.

Other than the above features we have a lot more on the ActiveCampaign page which brings a lot of practicality.

ActiveCampaign Pricing

   ActiveCampaign has a very low introducing price starting from just lite($9/month). The lite plan has features like email marketing and marketing automation. Gradually the price increases as we go for higher plans which add features like landing page, lead scoring and ActiveCampaign CRM.

    They also provides a 14-day trial which includes no setup costs. It also provides 25% discount on yearly plan which makes it more. ActiveCampaign costs are cut-troat as compared to other marketing automation provider.

Features of ActiveCampaign

  ActiveCampaign has many more features that makes marketing effortless, speedy and highly efficient for the end-user. Some of them are:-

1.Machine Learning:- This feature gives users the privilege to change the insights according to their needs.

2.Services and migration:- Their free migration services makes it a effortless process to migrate from old marketing automation system to ActiveCampaign.

3.AC chrome extention:- this feature allows us to know about when and how many times the contacts have opened the email and interacted.

4.AC from mobile:- ActiveCampaign on mobile helps us tracking and assigning tasks, managing accounts from anywhere, view campaign and automation details, track email performance parameters, maintaining transparency between you and your contacts.

5.Tools and templates:- ActiveCampaign marketplace gives a feature to find a recipe and automate anything. It provides various functionalities in the form if recipies which can be further categorized into domains and industries ranging from blogging/author, consulting/agency, e-commerce/ retail, fitness, healthcare, media/publishing, non-profit, real estate, software, travel/hospitality and others. Some of the featured recipies are:-

a) Webinar reminder email series

b) Welcome series automation recipes

c) Abandoned card reminder

d) Gather feedback after purchase automation

e) Apply tags to contacts based on custom feedback and many more.

6. Emails:- emails that we should make sense that is why AC gives control over our emails.

a) Broadcast emails:- sometimes we need to send one message to many people at a time. This helps to send a one-time email to anyone on the list.

b) Triggered emails:- these emails are triggers made by purchase or site visits or any kind of engagement.

c) Targeted emails:- this involves grouping our viewers into different segments based on their industries and then make sure the right message goes to the right person.

d) Email autoresponders:- these are the welcome messages we get after visiting a website or deliver lead magnets automatically.

e) Email funnels:- these are about selling more emails and setting up an automation that turns our contacts interested paying customers.

f) Schedules emails:- these are the emails for schedules timing birthdays, events, and holidays.

7. Pages :- this tools helps is making great first impression  as it allows creating pages in minutes that are relevant to the visitors, grow audience and drive more business out of it.

Landing page made easy:

a) Customizable landing page templates:- we can choose from the library, they have a number of beautiful, customizable templates to help us get started faster.

b) Easy to use drag-and-drop designer:-Helps  establishing and publishing beautiful landing pages in a very little span of time with using code.

c) Build your list and send emails on the same platform:- Sending traffic to the website and making sure the traffic is converted into interested customers and email them the content they want to see.

d) Get up running fast:- it says not to spend time learning codes or understanding tools that are complex and does more than you need. ActiveCampaign’s intuitive builder helps us accelerate the landing pages.

8.Messaging and texting:- messaging and texting help connect with the customers or audience. There are multiples ways of messaging the customers some of them are:

a) Email marketing:- it is used to send beautiful personalized emails in just a few clicks.

b) SMS marketing:- it is another way of sending messages to the customers through mobile.

c) Facebook audience:- send automated messages based on their Facebook information.

d) Site messages:- this feature helps in connecting with the customer through messages and call directly from their sites.

9.Conversations and chat:- this involves engaging with customers on personal level via live chats to make better impact on the visitors hence gives a better experience.

10.Social Media:- On social media like facebook people scroll in search if something worth their attention. Facebook is the perfect platform which lets us target the right audience at the right time.

11. Web Personalization:- web personalization refers to showing the right information to the right person that creates a good impact from the very first visit. This way we give each person what they want so each visitor is converted to buying customers, leave more reviews and feedback.

Pros and Cons of ActiveCampaign

Pros Of ActiveCampaign

1. Instants emails deliverability.

2. Wide range of features for everyone from amateur to advanced users.

3. Marketing results are improved overtime by machine learning.

4. Email builder is very powerful tool it gives a lot of versatility.

5. the CRM is smoothly and continuously combined with automation to improve efficiencies in the organization

Cons Of ActiveCampaign

1. The on-site chat feature is not included in the standard plan.

2. It takes time to understand the advanced features of someone who is new to the email marketing automation system.

3. Sometimes the app becomes slow.

4. The speed of loading and moving page between automation is slow.

5. Youtube videos cannot be embedded in the text of email.


Mailchimp Vs. Activecampaign

  Mailchimp is the multi-billion dollar company in email marketing industry and it has progressed into an all-in-one business. While it may not be as good as ActiveCampaign yet makes up for it by being simpler and free for small lists. 

  • Plans are free for less than 1,000 contacts 
  • Landing pages
  • Manages Facebook Ads
  • Postcards to engage customers.

Sendinblue vs. Activecampaign 

Sendinblue is a great choice if your interest is mostly in sending email newsletters and don’t need the advanced features that are available in  ActiveCampaign. Though they do it, it’s not as elaborate compared to ActiveCampaign. Sendinblue, is more efficient when it comes to newsletters and transactional emails. 

  • It excels at email newsletter builder
  • Basic CRM
  • Great tool for transactional emails 
  • SMS marketing

ConvertKit Vs. ActiveCampaign 

ConvertKit is primarily focused on creators however it is not suitable for e-commerce companies. It has additional features like training which is useful for new creators to have a great start.

  • Landing pages 
  • Free plan 
  • Decent form builder 
  • Clear and useful reporting

Conclusion: An Overview

 ActiveCampaign is a substantial email marketing tool for business across the industries, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer.

We recommend ActiveCampaign for: To corporate entities with little bit of experience in sales promotion through email or to those who ready to take their efforts to take it up a notch. It gives them a platform to explore the various tools provided for better performance. To use the email marketing automation one does not have to be an expert, new learners should follow the onboarding videos and you are good to go.

We do not recommend ActiveCampaign for: Companies who only send simple newsletters cannot use this tool as its features are powerful and small companies will not be able to use these all the features. Similarly if someone has huge email list, heavy enterprise requirements, it’s better to deal with them first. Its pricing is very low just $15/month which of much for small enterprises.

Hence it is highly affordable any big or small enterprise can use the features to step up one’s game in email marketing and automation results.

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