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WIX Website Reviews: Pros and Cons 2021

Web making is now hassle-free and quick you don`t need to be a computer specialist for a computer web designer. Wix website is here to make your work easier. It hosts a whopping of around 160 million websites. Ltd. is an Israeli software company, It was founded in 2006, by Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kalpana, Nadav Abrahami. with the Wix website you can create your own dream website.


FREE AND RELIABLE HOSTING- You can create your own website with secure and free web hosting. Wix provides us free website hosting including 500MB of cloud storage and 500 MB bandwidth.

Customizable Designs-It is fully customizable, it has hundreds of beautiful templates for you to choose from. There is no problem at all you can change so many elements in a Wix website design.

⦁ ONE PAGES- Single-page sites are very attractive and impressive due to their simplicity and organization. Wix offers you many own page templates that you can use, it looks modern minimalist, it limelight, and grabs site visitors.

IMAGE EDITOR- The ability to easily create a complete and compact website can be achieved through Wix, it gives you a safe space to freely design a website according to your own preferences. The most sophisticated online gallery on the market i.e., the Wix Pro Gallary, preserves the essence and quality of every picture that is uploaded by you and thus giving your website visitors enjoyment of your images in a fast and optimal way, both on desktop as well as mobile.

FACEBOOK COMMENTS- You can modest the comments that you get through the Facebook Comments box to monitor your followers comments.

⦁ WIX APP MARKET-Over 300 popular web apps, the WIX APP MARKET is filled with. It includes astonishing features to upgrade your website and escalate your business. Many of the apps are free to use,mobile-optimized, and can be added to your site in just a few clicks.

⦁ ONLINE STORE- Wix website Stores provide you all the tools you need to create a sleek, professional online store and grow your common business. you can exhibit outcomes n remarkable galleries, accept secured checkout, sell on multiple sales channels, and add dropshipping products to your store.

⦁ EMAIL MARKETING- The process of targeting the audience and the customers through emails is known as email marketing. The act of providing subscribers and customers with valuable and truthful information helps them achieve their goals and it the company to boost their conversation and revenue.


 PLANS-Wix lets you select the plan that is right for you. Our website plans have all the quality one needs to launch for their remarkable site for personnel use. Turn Intermittently buyers into regulars by benefaction membership plans and packages. You command the type of plan, what is included, how long the plan lasts, and more.

Show the plans on your site for clients to purchase. you can offer one or multiple membership options. sometimes offer your clients free membership plans.

PRICING-Wix provides you 100s of templates, unlimited pages, and grade hosting free. All the websites and along with WIX can be created free. If you want to add trendy features and custom domains, on average with the Wix website, you will likely end up spending around $22.00 per month for your website.

Its pricing starts at $1.7194 per month(billed annually) for the combo plan. Its ad-free includes hosting, and a domain name for one year. Unlimited costs $2.5447 per month and is ideal for larger sites. Wix VIP at $4.4704 per month adds priority support. The cheapest eCommerce plan is Business Basic at $3.0949 per month.


 Wix website offered a barrel of people looking to build an extraordinary website an easy way to do this. There are many competitors and alternatives to WIX.

 Let me discuss WIX Website and WORDPRESS and make you beware of their differences. They both are amazing platforms, but they are different from one another and best at their own places. Wix is a Website builder, which means it is easy to use and offers a lot of technical support. Whereas, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), which is more flexible but also demands more technical know-how.

WIX– 1. It is easier to use.

 2. It has better support.

 3. It requires less maintenance over time.

 4. Its cost is $14-$49/month.

WORDPRESS– 1. It is not easier to use.

 2. It does not have better support.

 3. It requires more maintenance over time.

 4. One time cost of $0-$200, plus ongoing costs of about $10-40/ month.


 1. Massive Template Collection- Wix is especially lavish with its templates. It offers users over 500 to choose from. Which is an h huge number by any standard. There are many other websites that offer only a few templates as compared to Wix. They have a huge variety of categories to choose from. For the interested ones, they have templates for online stores as well, so you can have your own eCommerce site up fast.

 2. Good Site Speed- Ultimately speed is a big factor all of you want a site that will run faster not which performs like a tortoise? Pleasantly, Wix sites appear to be fast incredibly so. Not only the speed but also the sites are properly optimized by default.

 3. Market Your Site Easily – SEO (search engine optimization), is one of the most effective ways to promote your website, and it helps good sites ranking on Google and other search engines. It is totally free, it ensures your website can be discovered by new visitors.

 4. Lots Of Help And Support –wix support centre has each and everything you need to help you create a free website.


 1. Your Site Isn`t Transferrable – According to my it is the biggest drawback to use Wix, it creates many big problems for many people. For example, if you are a business owner and have grown out of the capabilities. you need seriousness and money to transfer your website.

 2. Templates Not Interchangeable – At once if you chose a template, you have to choose it carefully or otherwise later if you change your mind to change the template you have to manually shift all over the content that you have created on your original template.

 3. Free Plan Forces Wix Branding – Free sites are good but the main disadvantage is that free sites hosted on Wix are forced to carry Wix branding. It is nothing too unpleasant but regrettably, it is obvious, since it appears right smack on top of the page, even before your website header.


 WIX has a great market strategy as it is easy to use and builds a professional blog for the common people also and provides free using professionally designed templates and a drag-drop editor, in order to unlock certain features provided they’re a person need to upgrade. Mailboxes are extra as well. Starting for free has been a great strategy.


 There are different kinds of blogging platforms are available online today. Wix is a big name and has attracted and gained much popularity. Wix is an all-in-one platform where we just need to sign up and then it builds and manages a website, without any hassles. whereas it provides a dedicated support team available 24/7. Wix is really convenient to build websites for anyone because of its simple drag and drop editor. So if the beginner who doesn`t have any knowledge about coding can they can also simply go for it, and you. Their modern templates, customization options, and initiative platform are incredibly easy to use.

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