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DreamHost Web Hosting Review: Pros And Cons (Feb:2021)

DreamHost is specialized in Linux-powered websites, so If you want to build a Linux-powered website, DreamHost will be the best choice for anyone. DreamHost is one of the oldest us-based web hosting companies since 1996. They have more than 4 lakhs satisfied customers and 7.5laks WordPress installations all over the world.

Let’s have a look at the Advantage and disadvantage of DreamHost Web Hosting

Pros Of DreamHost Web Hosting:

1.Page Loading Speed Of DreamHost: DreamHost has an average loading speed to load a page or website, but yes it is quite satisfactory. It usually takes 740ms to load a website which is not slow at all.

But as compare to other web hosting company like BlueHost, Hostgator, and SiteGround, it is quite high response time to load a website.

Here is the Average Response Time of Popular Web Hosting company:

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BlueHost: Average Response Time is 641ms 

Hostgator: Average Response Time is 857ms

SiteGround: Average Response Time is 129.8ms (Highest ever)

And DreamHost has 740ms

So, DreamHost is quite good at page loading speed.

2.Best Uptime In The last 12 Months: This is one of the key points to look for buying web hosting as we all know Uptime is one of the most important aspects of hosting service.

Generally, the Average uptime for any web hosting company is 99.93% which is very good for a website. So, yes DreamHost is above that average. DreamHost web hosting has 99.95% uptime in the last 12 months. This web hosting is very good at uptime, one can choose this web hosting for their website.

3.Low Starting price: The introductory price is quite below that of another web hosting, their basic plan price is starting from $2.59/mo, which is economical for any beginners.

Let’s have a look on others web hosting starting price:

BlueHost Starting Price: $2.75

Hostgator Starting Price: $2.75

Siteground Starting Price: $6.99

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You can see that DreamHost web hosting company have the lowest introductory price as compare to other web hosting companies, for any beginners this web hosting is very much economical.

4.Lowest Renewal Rates: As we all know almost maximum of the web hosting company offers low introductory prices for joining to their company but after completing the one year when it comes to renew, they charge almost 2-3 times of their initial price.

But DreamHost is one of the few web hosting company that doesn’t use this pricing strategy, which really impress you to take their servies.

5.Easty to use: Their simple dashboard and c-panel is very much user friendly and easy to use. If you are a beginners and do not have much idea about how to create website, one can easily choose their plan for start building their site.

6.Unlimited Features: Except for their starting plan, you can access unlimited features like unlimited domain, unlimited traffic, fast SSD storage, unlimited email for your domain, free SSL certificate, and WordPress pre-installation.

7.Money Back Guarantee: I must say that DreamHost is king in this field as well, they are so committed to their best support and service to their customer. But still in terms of satisfaction, if you feel that you are not satisfied with their service, you can easily claim your refund. They are giving a 97days money-back guarantee which is the highest ever.

Let’s have a look on others web hosting Money back guarantee:

BlueHost Money back Guarantee: 30 Days

Hostgator Money Back Gurantee: 45 Days

Siteground Money Back Gurantee: 30 Days

But DreamHost is providng 97 Days money back guarantee which highest ever.

8.Security & Privacy: As we all know free ssl certificates sometimes might not be enough to ensure your website 100% safe and secure. So, DreamHost is very good at providing security and privacy, they are providng free ssl sertificate to prevent your site from malware, hackers and website attackers.

Cons Of DreamHost Web Hosting:

1.Not Satisfied Customer Support: They are using bots for chatting, initially if you want to chat with their customer support team, you can not find them, you have to talk with the bot by choosing option which quite irritating for anyone.

2.No Telephonic Executive As well

3.Lacks of windows based servers which also may irritate you

Still, if you have any query for which web hosting would be best for you, you can feel free to contact me via Whatsapp chat, I will love to help you to choose your web hosting according to your needs. Thank You!

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