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Top 5 Best Web Hosting in 2022- Best Hosting

Are you thinking about creating your own website but do not know which web hosting service best for you, we would like to know you are in the right place? Today, we are going to discuss the top 5 Web hosting in 2021 according to their features, price, and services.

Today we are going to discuss the top 5 web hosting services
for your website in 2021. Find the best web hosting service and
choose the best deal according to your own needs.

After doing a lot of research we are providing you Top 5 best
web hosting service in 2021
Below of all this web hosting they are providing almost same
service for their standard plan, so in this below 5 hosting you
don’t get any different, so we will discuss today about their
charges and their duration of service.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting in 2021

1.BLUE HOST Hosting: Bluehost web hosting is very good for new comers who
doesn’t know much about web hosting, they can choose this web
hosting service.

But you need to purchase their service at least
for 12 month, they don’t have short time service which quite
difficult for new blogger. If you want to explore yourself by
practicing for blogging, we will not recommend this site.

2.GoDaddy Hosting: In this hosting service you will get almost the same
service which is providing by Blue Host but you can avail one
month trial in Go Daddy.

Yes, they are providing 1 month
service, so if you want to check how good you are at blogging,
you can use their 1 monthly plan but in that case, you need to pay
extra money for 1 month and also you won’t be eligible for free
domain service.

3.HostGator Hosting: Hostgator web hosting service is also good, you can get
almost the same service and quite a low price. And this is the web
the hosting company who are providing their customer for 1 month, 3
month and 6-month service.

So if you are new at blogging want to
start your own journey and also quite confused that it might not
be a long run business for you, I must recommend you to use
their 6-month plan, if you are going with their 6-month service
then, first of all, you don’t need to pay any extra charge and
the second thing you don’t have to pay money for buying a domain,
you will get a free domain also only if you are purchasing their

You can also check out the major differences among these hosting.

4.Hostinger Hosting: This hosting service also pretty good but they can
handle 1,00,000 monthly visit for their standard package
“Business Web Hosting” package. But the good part is they have 1
month hosting service and yes you have to pay more if you want
to purchase 1 month service and also you won’t be able to take
your free domain.

5.SiteGrounds Hosting: Yes their service is very much good, But I really
can’t figure out why they are charging so much on their stand
pack which is “GoGeeK’, while others web hosting service is
providing the same service in half of the amount of their price,
they are basically charging for their basic plan almost $179 and
which is very high for any beginner who is actually trying to
start their blogging journey, so I would never suggest this
website for starting your blogging journey.

So, This was our basically honest feedback on above web hosting
service, we are not proving you any affiliate links or not
selling any product, this is what I actually found after doing a
lot research on web hosting.

Literally everyone is trying to
sell something or promote their product, so I was totally
frustrated after reading a lot of blogs for buying a new web
hosting. Then I started my own research and found this above web
hosting service is very much good.

So I would personally
recommend you that if you are new or beginner and want to start
your blog journey then you may take “Hostgator” service for next
6 months, and this service you’ll purchase in the same price and
you will also get free domain as well. You can click here to
know their hosting plans

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And I personally contact their customer service after taking
their 6 months “Baby Plan” and you can trust me they have
the brilliant tech support team, so my opinion will be you can
purchase their plan and they are providing money-back guarantee

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