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Semrush review 2022

A fair review of Semrush 2022 without taking sides

What is Semrush?

There comes a question- what is Semrush? Semrush is one of the most well-known SEO and digital marketing platforms in the world. Currently, 7 million people have already tried Semrush. If one is running their own SEO campaign, they understand that it is difficult to measure everything that goes into reaching the top spot, on Google.

That’s why Semrush consists of multiple SEO tools that can help businesses achieve better search engine rankings. These tools can assist with keyword research, measuring one’s domain ranking, analyzing their backlinks, tracking their search engine rankings, and more.

Now we will take a look at the Semrush review 2022. If we abide by these Semrush reviews, we will be profitable in the long run.

What are the pros of Semrush?

  1. In all cases, SEO – SEMrush is there to meet all of one’s SEO needs, and for experts and little workplaces, this is for the most part the circumstance. It provides the best SEO keyword tools.
  2. Ferocious Research — One can find out their opponents’ regular traffic, expressions, backlinks, and paid advancing undertakings. Semrush provides the best SEO research tools.
  3. Watchword Research — One can use the Keyword Magic gadget to explore normal and paid expressions.
  4. Project Tracking – One can monitor various pieces of their site, similar to watchword rankings or brand makes reference to.

What are the cons of Semrush?

  1. Some tools aren’t rated as highly, such as their social media tools
  2. It plans only allow one user
  3. Some users may find the interface and tools confusing to use
  4. Steep Learning Curve – With 45+ components, Semrush is fantastically expecting that one is new to SEO.
  5. Somewhat off-kilter UI – Some contraptions are separated into a couple of more humble devices, and the UI isn’t by and large pretty much as instinctual as in programming like Surfer.
  6. Jack of all trades – Since SEMrush endeavors to do everything, it isn’t by and large the best programming choice for specific SEO work.
  7. Exorbitant – The most economical SEMrush plan is $119.95 every month.

Tools one can use here

Keyword research is a category of best keyword research tools. These tools include:

  • Keyword Overview
  • Keyword Magic
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Keyword Manager

These tools offer a variety of benefits. One will know what search performance is like for a keyword. They will also know how difficult it is to rank for them as well as which websites are ranking for them. These tools can also offer suggestions for similar keywords. One can use these suggested keywords as secondary keywords.

Keyword Overview Tool in Semrush

Suppose we take the Keyword Overview tool. One can simply enter a keyword. They will be able to see the number of searches per month, the websites that rank for it, and the keyword difficulty score. They can also see these rankings for different countries.

However, if one is new to keyword research, these metrics may confuse him or her.

The monthly search volume is pretty standard — the higher the number, the more traffic a keyword receives. If a keyword receives more than 100 searches per month, it’s considered a good keyword to use.

Keyword difficulty is expressed by a percentage. This percentage ranges from 0-100%. Semrush breaks down these percentages into three categories:

  • Below 60%: low difficulty
  • 60%-80%: medium difficulty
  • Over 80%: high difficulty

Domain Analysis tool here

Domain analysis tools are used to judge one’s SEO results based on their website. This is a great way to start their campaign; measure their current results and set future growth goals.

The domain analysis tool also has another purpose. One can put their competitor’s URLs in this tool to see how well they’re performing. It’s an easy way to get in some great competitor research.

If they host backlinking campaigns, one can use the domain analysis tool to measure the SEO results of different blogs. This will help ensure they only choose high-quality backlinks.

To use the domain analysis tool, one can simply paste the URL they are searching and they will see a myriad of metrics. These metrics include:

  • Monthly visitors
  • Authority score
  • Keywords the website ranks for
  • Top-performing keywords
  • Number of backlinks pointing to the website
  • Anchor text(s) commonly used
  • Competing websites
  • Display advertising statistics

The only downside with this tool is these metrics aren’t always 100%. But they do offer a convenient way for businesses to track these essential metrics to use toward your campaign.

Rank Tracking tool in this platform

Over time, one may want to measure their SEO results. Semrush offers a simple solution to tracking the website traffic they receive from their keywords. The Rank Tracking tool provides this assistance.

One simply has to start by going to the Position Tracker section. They must enter their domain name and the keywords they are tracking. They will receive a report showing them how their website is ranking for the keywords.

It’s recommended that one should do this regularly to ensure their SEO efforts are giving them success. Semrush can send them emails that inform them of their rank tracking process.

Many websites also use the Rank Tracking tool for competitor research. This way, one will know if their competitors are ranking better or worse for the same keywords.

Content Marketing tools

The content marketing toolkit is almost essential for bloggers. There are various tools here that aim to accomplish certain goals, such as:

  1. Audit one’s existing content to rank better in search engine results
  2. Find topic ideas
  3. Monitor brand mentions
  4. Identify keywords your competitors are using

The tools in the toolkit include:

  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • SEO Content Template
  • Topic Research
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Content Analyzer

Backline Analysis tool in this platform

Backlinks are a huge influence on one’s SEO results. This is why Semrush offers powerful backlink tools, specifically the analysis and audit ones.

For the Backlink Analysis, all one has to do is enter their URL and the tool will auto-recommend different links for their link building. Semrush has one of the biggest link databases of any SEO tool, so one will be satisfied if they are focused on backlinking. They will be able to view individual websites that show the quality of their links, whether or not they gain or lose links and more.

One will also want to regularly conduct backlink audits. These show if any backlinks pointing to one’s website are toxic. If any spammy websites are linking to their site, they can report them to Google directly through Semrush.

Semrush pricing and plans

Results Per Domain & Keyword Report10,00030,00050,000
Historical DataNoyesYes
Content Marketing ToolsNoYesyes

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