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Bluehost: An In-depth Review

Bluehost allows you to have your website online within minutes. Bluehost is a trusted web hosting service that is used by millions of people to host their online ventures as well as start businesses and make something completely unique.

What is it that makes Bluehost so popular?

It’s simple to use even for beginners and at a reasonable cost.

You can get a domain name when you sign for a service (usually between $10 and $15 per calendar one year) and hosting can cost starting at $2.95 each month. Bluehost also includes tools to assist you in getting setup quickly.

Learn more about the features you can expect, and the reasons I believe Bluehost offers the most price for the money.

Bluehost In Comparison to the Best Web Hosting Services

Bluehost provides the shared hosting plan with a price that is affordable. If you’re planning to create a website for the first time, Bluehost is a safe and cost-effective option. In addition, as I said in the past, you receive an absolutely free domain name after signing up. This is a great bonus that makes it stand out from other options that are priced at a lower price as well as its excellent customer support and other hosting options.

I could not say that I would recommend Bluehost as the host that offers the highest value for budget without knowing how it compared against other hosting providers available.

To decide which host is worthy of your time, I looked at dozens of competing providers and reduced it to seven top choices. View all of my top choices for cheap web hosting to see an in-depth review of each and an overview of the buying process.

Who is Bluehost Most Suited For?

Bluehost is ideal for people who want to start a new website for the first time or even for the second. If you’re a blogger just beginning your journey in your field, Bluehost enables you to start with ease without worrying about the technical aspects.

Alongside their customer service features and simple to use cPanel, Bluehost ensures your learning curve is as minimal as is possible. It also makes your website online to the world at a high level of uptime.

On the other the other hand, if you’re trying to begin an online business with a variety of products and require the top speed for your site and a dedicated host You might want to explore different options first.

Bluehost: Advantages and Disadvantages


24/7 customer assistance 24/7 customer support: Not every business offers 24/7 support for customers and at the price of such a basic entry-level service. Bluehost’s support team is available to help you get started with your site, as well as whenever you require assistance with troubleshooting website issues that are likely to occur.

A year’s worth of domain for free One of Bluehost’s best-loved advantages is the domain name that’s free you can get for a full year. It eliminates the additional step of using the third-party seller of domains or spending more money at the beginning of your website.

The SSL certificate The SSL certificate also referred to as a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, ensures your website’s identity and protects your site’s information. It’s an absolute must for every website that you create. Fortunately, Bluehost provides SSL certification at no cost.

Quick site configuration: With Bluehost, you can set up your website and get it up and running in a flash by following their simple and easy step-by-step set-up. If you encounter any issues it is possible to use their chat support live in real-time.

Beginner-friendly: Bluehost is ideal for anyone who is preparing to start creating and managing a website at first. It’s because there’s not any requirement for advanced web management expertise or programming skills for setting up your website using it. To make it even more appealing they’ve partnered with WordPress and made sure that the installation of WordPress is a simple element of the procedure.


Costs associated with site transfers While it’s true that when it comes to the migration benefits, Bluehost isn’t necessarily your best choice. If you require assistance in moving your website, Bluehost charges at least $149 for the transfer of your site to or from a different platform.

not the best choice for sites with high traffic If you’re looking to increase the size of an already high traffic website and require hosting that can meet your specific requirements, a basic Bluehost plan won’t meet your needs. You can upgrade to their higher-priced managed WordPress plans and we’ll go into it in the next section.

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost has several pricing levels which are fairly clear. After reading through these options, if you’re uncertain which one will work most effectively for you Contact Bluehost for consultation. no-cost consultation.

It’s important to note that the cost points of each plan I’ve reviewed in this article are only applicable when you buy the 36-month plan in advance. If you choose to opt for a 12 month or 24 months plan, your monthly fees will change in line with the plan.

If you choose a month-to- month plan also means that your monthly hosting fees will be a little more costly. But, Bluehost still stands as the most cost-effective and valuable plan to choose from particularly for a newbie.

Then, let’s see the way each level is broken down, along with its worth.

Shared Hosting

The web hosting shared Bluehost plans is without doubt one of the most efficient methods to begin developing your site. You can begin with the Basic plan at $2.95 that is enough to build a site with 50 GBs of storage. This is a lot considering they offer a the free CDN and a no-cost SSL certificate.

It’s not necessary to be aware of what is a CDN or SSL certificate is. You can enable them with just a single click and get the fastest, most secure website.

It doesn’t end there. Are you managing several websites? If so, you should try the Plus tier for $5.45 monthly. It comes with everything included in the standard plan tier as well as the ability to manage and host any number of websites and also accessibility to Microsoft 365 for 30 days.

A bit shabby. It’s the most practical tier for those who want to begin more than one website completely from scratch, without a lot of expense.

The most highly recommended tier and the one that will give you the most value with their shared hosting plans it’s their Choice Plus tier at $5.45 per month, with additional security features.

You will get everything included in two tiers and also free domain privacy as well as free automatic backup for the whole year. As security for websites is an increasing concern for the internet and the cost for this level is similar as the Plus plan and this is the clear winner in my opinion when it comes to low-cost shared hosting options are related. Security features that are added can only be considered a positive.

If you’re in the market for more than that, think about the Pro plan, which starts at $13.95 for a month. In this plan, you’ll receive additional CPU resources along with a dedicated IP.

As you will observe, Bluehost goes out of their way to tailor every tier, making them effective in covering the features you require. I suggest you take the time to thoroughly look over each tier’s offerings to find the most affordable deal depending on your requirements.

VPS Hosting

VPS, also known as Virtual Private Server Hosting is when hosting occurs within the same server but serves as a separate virtual space for your website. VPS hosting is becoming increasingly well-known, since it’s cheaper than dedicated hosting, but offers greater security and possibly more performance than shared hosting.

In fact, guaranteed resources are the norm with regard to Bluehost’s VPS hosting choices. They are able to compete with their pricing, which is a good thing as they will charge just $18.99 for the basic VPN feature. This comes with 2GB of RAM, and 1TB of bandwidth.

The guarantee of resources is the standard in Bluehost’s VPS Hosting features. They compare very well, since they cost just $18.99 for their standard VPN feature. It comes with 2GB of RAM as well as an additional 1TB of bandwidth.

When you look through the various Bluehost service, it’s apparent that they’ve established themselves as a user-friendly web host however, they also light the candle on both sides with their low-cost dedicated hosting and virtual private servers. It’s a double-win in terms of hosting that is concerned I’d say.

Dedicated Hosting

The main advantages of dedicated hosting include security as well as privacy and more control over everything. If you are certain that you will want only the very most reliable hosting options to host your website for reliability and scale Then an Bluehost special hosting package is the best way to take.

Do you see your website growing quickly? Do you see increased visitors coming in every day? Here’s a place to investigate dedicated hosting, which is another trustworthy Bluehost plan.

To demonstrate the value of dedicated hosting it starts with 500 GB of storage with 4GB of RAM and 5 TB of bandwidth at just $79.99 monthly. This places Bluehost as a top rival on marketplace, and even with their more expensive hosting plans.

Managed WordPress Hosting

It is a complete managed platform that can scale to meet any need your site can meet. The pricing plans offered to use hosted WordPress hosting offered by Bluehost include extremely speedy rates, tools for marketing and multi-tiered security.

The most active hosting level Bluehost offers is the operated WordPress option. You can choose to go with either the Grow, Build or Scale options. Each offers a distinct hosting package that will meet what you’re seeking. For the best decision, when you choose to choose a managed WordPress option, you’ll need to decide based on the volume of traffic each is suitable for.

Each plan comes with a variety of useful tools that will assist your site in its growth. This includes storage starting at 20GB and access to more than 200 servers across the globe and backups scheduled stage environments, free SSL certification, to mention some.

What makes each managed tier distinct is their capacity to handle traffic. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Build – $9.95 per month, the best for 50,000 monthly users
  • Grow – $14.95 per month, the best for 150,000 monthly visits
  • Scale – $27.95 per month, the best for 500,000 monthly visits

The breakdown of traffic makes it easier to select a managed WordPress host plan which will provide you with peace of peace of mind and a lot of uptime.

Bluehost Offerings

So far, you’ve been informed about the hosting prices offered by Bluehost. However, the fun doesn’t end there. Alongside host plans Bluehost offers other products.


It’s not surprising that the shared hosting service is among Bluehost’s most favored hosting plan since it allows you to get your foot on the ground when it comes to setting up your website and getting it running.

I’d say that the primary reason why Bluehost’s shared hosting stacks very well when comparing it with other hosting companies is the free SSL certification as well as their no-cost domain name registration. However, when it comes to hosting your website on a server that allows you to share space with other websites like yours, it’s done its job.

While shared hosting may be the most affordable hosting option for novices but it’s not what you’ll want to use as your website grows.

It’s the reason why there’s dedicated hosting as well as VPS hosting. A dedicated hosting plan is more durable and reliable hosting option that can provide powerful site performance. VPS hosting gives you more capacity as well as flexibility and control.

Online Stores

If you’ve made the decision that you’re planning to launch your online store using WordPress and WooCommerce It’s as simple as picking between the Standard or Premium store hosting options to begin.

For a shop that comes with an efficient payment processing system with a wealth of analytics, and the ability to make basic store backups you should consider the Standard price of $15.95 per month.

Your store could be more complicated than a basic storefront that displays the product descriptions. If you intend to collect subscriptions, online bookings and appointment schedulers, you’ll be better off using the Premium tier, which is a reliable eCommerce option.

I’d say that this is my top choice for a store with a variety of features that includes a large number in motion. I’d rather pay more for all of the Premium features than actually need these features and not be able to get them just for the sake of making a few bucks.

Live WordPress Support

Bluehost provides Blue Sky, a service to help users create, expand, and maintain a WordPress website by providing individual training and assistance. The Live WordPress support starts from $29 a month for ticket support on demand and backup support. It can go to $49 per month in SEO software, support in optimizing content and mobile optimization, as well as access to Constant Contact.

Professional Marketing Services

Apart from hosting, Bluehost has an offering to help your company with design and marketing strategies that will give you more time to concentrate on the activities that generate revenue and run your business.

The four major services provided by Bluehost in this domain are:

  • Full-service website support including marketing, design, as well as assistance with content
  • SEO services to improve your site and to target keywords
  • PPC services to help with pay-per-click marketing and best practices to attract more customers
  • Assistance with migration of your website, which includes one-on-one consultations with a consultant to check your website prior to and after any transfer

The price for these services isn’t listed in Bluehost’s website. Bluehost website. You’ll have to call Bluehost to discuss support and pricing options.

The Best Web Hosting Services

It’s not a good idea to base your decision solely on one item of information. I would suggest that you go through my list of the best affordable web hosting companies to ensure you’re picking the right option for your particular requirements. Here’s a brief overview of my suggestions:

  1. Hostinger — Best web hosting plan under $1.50
  2. Dreamhost — The least amount of time you can spend on a single day.
  3. Bluehost Bluehost HTML0Ideal for brand new websites (especially WordPress)
  4. A2 Hosting — The best web hosting at less than 3 dollars for stores online
  5. HostGator is the best method to host your current website for less
  6. iPage is the best choice when you have several websites
  7. GreenGeeks -Best rate for Managed WooCommerce hosting

Overall, Bluehost is a reliable web hosting service that will give you the highest price for your dollars. It provides a fantastic basic shared hosting plan starting at less than $2.75 per month. It also offers a free domain name per year, free SSL certification, as well as plenty of support for customers that available whenever you need to.

Do you have any thoughts on Bluehost as a good hosting option for new websites? Please let me know via the comments.

If not, get started with Bluehost here.

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