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Is Cloudways the Best Managed Hosting of 2023?

A quality website hosting provider plays a vital role in the success of your site. Hosting is an issue I’ve covered frequently here on the blog. Why not a bit more?

After a lot of testing and research after a great deal of research and testing, I’m pleased to present my Cloudways hosting review for your convenience! Cloudways differs significantly from other web hosts we’ve looked at here. What is the difference? Check the article out.

I’ve used Cloudways for more than three years in the past. Therefore, the results and opinions contained in this post are from my own experiences. This website is hosted by Cloudways in the moment. In this Cloudways Review, we will start by explaining the ways that Cloudways differs from other hosting companies.

In addition, I will share the results of various tests I ran on Cloudways to assess its performance, such as Server Response Time Speed, Uptime, Speed capacity for load handling and many other things.

We will then look at Cloudways’ safety features as well as customer service backups and migrations, email hosting pros and cons and much more. What do you think? Is Cloudways hosting the right choice for you? Let’s see!

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways Hosting is a Managed Hosting service that was founded by Uzair Gadit, Aquib Gaddit along with Pere Hospital at the end of 2009. Its headquarters is at Malta, Europe.

The main reason for creating Cloudways was to provide the perfect combination between managed hosting and non-managed services to their clients so that they could take advantage of the best features from both!

In the past, Cloudways was acquired by DigitalOcean Digital Ocean, which will increase the capabilities Digital Ocean to Digital Ocean to serve small entrepreneurs in all stages of establishing their business.

Cloudways is able to distinguish its own distinction from other hosting providers such as Hostinger and A2 Hosting as it is a managed cloud Hosting Service Provider’. Let’s look at what this means.

The difference between managed and unmanaged Hosting

A host that is not managed offers you storage space on their servers and provides very little or no additional features.

Everything that involves software upkeep to data backups falls to you, which could be a challenging task for those who are not tech-savvy! A few examples of hosting that is not managed are Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, Vultr etc.

If you choose to go with a managed web hosting service in addition to offering server space it also handles all aspects of maintenance of the server as well as security, software updates backups, and other things for you. Additionally, you will receive more stable assistance.

However managed cloud hosts are slightly more than traditional ones. A few examples of managed hosting are Cloudways, Kinsta, WPEngine and others.

Advantages of Managed Hosting

Selecting a Managed Cloud provider could be an ideal choice for those who are new to the cloud as it provides a number of benefits. For instance:

  • There is no technical requirement
  • Automatic one-click restore and backup process.
  • Support that is more responsive and reliable is always available.
  • This saves a lot of time spent configuring websites
  • Advanced security to protect against malware, viruses, and unauthorised users.
  • Cloud Server maintenance Software updates, maintenance, and website monitoring are all handled by the experts in their technical field.

Cloudways Overview

Cloudways is an Managed Cloud Hosting provider that was built on top 5 hosting providers that are not managed – DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Linode and Vultr.

In Cloud Hosting your information is stored on several servers, which means you will have better uptime and faster site transfer in the event of a disaster.

Explore all the features available on Cloudways listed in the table below.

SpeedBangalore: 792.91 ms
Uptime99.99% (last 365 days)
Data CentersOn 65+ sites
ServersCombination of Apache and Nginx
Backups and RestorationScheduled, On Demand, and Local BackupsPartial Restoration AvailableOne-click RestorationBackup Charges: $0.033/GB
Migration1 free migration for all hosting plansWordPress Migration Plugin for WordPress users
Customer SupportEmail, Live Chat 24/7/365 Support, Knowledge Base, Community Forum
Features (DigitalOcean Starter Plan)Unlimited Free Let’s encrypt SSL Certificates. Unlimited Apps 25GB SSD storage, 1TB Bandwidth Staging team management, security patching Breeze Cache plugin (WordPress) Vertical Scaling and Account Sharing
Security2FA, New Login Alert, Free SSL, Bot Protection, Server Monitoring, Self Healing Servers, Firewall, Blocklist/Whitelist IP, SSH Access, and SFTP Access
Paid Add-onsPremium and Advanced support, DNS Made Easy, Cloudways Enterprise CDN, Rackspace Email, Elastic Email, Secure Updates on WordPress, Astra Pro (free for one year)
Payment MethodsCredit and debit credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Paypal, Bank Wire Transfer on minimum purchase of $1000.
Refund PolicyNo refund policy. Three-day trial for free
PricingStarting at just $10/month (DigitalOcean)

Cloudways User Interface

Cloudways’ user interface Cloudways is modern and features an appealing appearance. The tabs and options are organized and easy to access.

Cloudways isn’t the standard cPanel, such as ChemiCloud, FastComet and A2 Hosting. Cloudways has a unique panel that leaves the standard cPanel in the dust!

The most interesting aspect of this customized control panel is that it gives you both server-level and application-level access!

Thus, you can switch between different servers and applications by using a simple switch. It is not necessary to set up any additional third party software to access your server or making modifications to it. You can do all this via the Cloudways console with just the click of a button!

If you’re just beginning you might find it somewhat overwhelming and complicated to comprehend initially. Therefore, you may experience some short learning curves to become familiar with the different options.

Once you’ve mastered the art of it, it’ll be the most smooth and most effortless experience! If you find it difficult, look into my Cloudways Training Program! I’ve described it in great detail in the following paragraphs. Continue reading!

Cloudways Testing Parameters

To conduct the purpose of this Cloudways review, I’ve bought this server from DigitalOcean Standard Server (Singapore location). The price is $10 per month.

I have used the following features and settings on my site:

  • Ocean WP Theme (Elementor Based)
  • Gym Template (Elementor Based)
  • Breeze Cache plugin by Cloudways (with the default setting)

Notice – This site is hosted on Cloudways at present.

To present an impartial and honest assessment of this web hosting, I’ve run a number of testing on my Cloudways website. They include tests like the SRT Test, Speed Test, Uptime Test, Load Test, and so on. I’ve also posted the results with my personal opinion and suggestions.

In addition I’ve extensively tested other features of Cloudway such as its backups, data centers stage support security features, CDN, migrations, customer support, and much more.

I’ve attempted to make this review as thorough as I can and cover all aspects that Cloudways hosting offers. Cloudways hosting.

Cloudways Server Response Time

I’ve chosen to use the Singapore servers that are part of an Cloudways Digital Ocean Starter plan. So, you’ll see a an improvement in server response times within Asian regions.

When I tried on the SRT in Singapore it was found to be 1 milliseconds that is incredibly quick! Then it was the SRT increased across different Asian regions, such as Japan (68 milliseconds) in addition to Mumbai (82 milliseconds).

In contrast to the ChemiCloud, as well as A2 Hosting, Cloudways does not support Litespeed servers. Instead, they utilize an extremely powerful mix with Apache as well as Nginx servers to ensure better performance. Overall their Server Response Times were amazing!

Cloudways Speed Test

In terms of website speed, Cloudways hosting offers super-swift speeds. To verify this, speed tests were ran on a test site at Bangalore. Let’s examine the results.

I noticed page load speeds of 792.91 milliseconds. This is less than 1 second. This is impressive considering that I didn’t optimize this plugin. Breeze Cache plugin at all!

In this case, I was able to experience even more speedy speeds of 566.83 milliseconds. That’s really impressive! The only difference between web pages was that the latter optimized my main site using WP Rocket. WP Rocket plugin. This resulted in a quicker loading times.

Overall, the speed on Cloudways hosting both sites are in the range of less than 1 second regardless of optimization. This is excellent for SEO and better retention of audience. It is also possible to look at ChemiCloud and FastComet for excellent speeds!

Cloudways Uptime

Although Cloudways doesn’t offer a guarantee of uptime, it’s amazing! I’ve been tracking my uptime of my site hosted on Cloudways for the past 335 days with the better Uptime tool. The tool monitors my website’s uptime at every thirty seconds.

Cloudways Uptime Status Report (Last 12 Months):

Here’s an uptime report of Cloudways Digital Ocean Singapore Servers for the past 365 days.

April 2023100%
March 2023100%
February 2023100%
January 202399.97%
December 2022100%
November 2022100%
October 202299.97%
September 2022100%
August 2022100%
July 202299.98%
June 2022100%
May 2022100%
April 2022100%
March 202299.99%
February 2022100%

The website’s uptime during the past month was 99.99 percent. In addition the average time of uptime I have observed over the last calendar year was 99.99 percent that is quite impressive!

And, FYI, my site has not experienced any downtime during the past 2 months!

Note : I am on an active plan for Cloudways Do Servers for $10. Every month, the time of uptime will be re-evaluated.I was awed by the reliability of Cloudways. Even their servers for $10 from DigitalOcean did a fantastic job and I had no problems at all! Also, you can visit for 100 percent uptime!

Cloudways Load Testing

To conduct the load test I sent out 50 virtual users to my site, which resulted in an aggregate of 77482 requests. It was surprising that none of the requests were rejected!

The response time average was 263 milliseconds. The highest response time went up to 40.67 per second. Overall there were no significant increases in response time, which is remarkable!

We can therefore draw the conclusion that Cloudways is ideal for handling the demands of high traffic. It is able to handle the load without affecting response time or experiencing any interruptions. It is also possible to check the ChemiCloud, as well as FastComet for a search for reliable load management capabilities.

Cloudways Data Centers

Cloudways hosting has 75plus data centers located throughout the world. Their website is where users can see the locations of the servers of DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, and Vultr.

Cloud ServerServer Locations
Digital OceanUSA, Germany, Singapore, England, Canada, Netherlands, India
AWSFrance, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, England, Brazil, Canada, Korea, Japan, India, Australia, Bahrain, China, USA, Sweden, Belgium
Google CloudSingapore, Germany, England, Canada, Japan, India, Australia, China, USA
VultrUSA, France, Singapore, Germany, England, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Australia
LinodeSingapore, Germany, England, Canada, Japan, India, Australia, USA

Cloudways Domain Name

Cloudways isn’t an official Domain name registration service and therefore you won’t be able to register domains through them. They don’t offer free domains, either.

If you have not yet linked your domain with Cloudways hosting, Cloudways offers you an unregistered domain that allows you to preview the way your website will appear. This is also referred to as an Preview URL and it is free to use for the rest of your life!

If you’re trying to figure the right name for your site or brand these names generators might assist you in deciding on the perfect name!

ChemiCloud offers domains free for life. It is worth checking out if you’re looking for free domains.

Cloudways Cache Plugin

Cloudways offers its own in-house caching software called the Breeze Cache plugin. The plugin helps optimize your WordPress website and reduces page loading time.

Apart from that there are additional built-in caching solutions like Varnish, Memcached, Nginx and Redis which are built to provide fast performance and smooth experiences!

Cloudways Backups and Restoration

Cloudways: On Cloudways cloudways, you can create three backups.

1. Scheduled Backups

It is a reference to automated backups that are performed through Cloudways Hosting. However, you’re free to alter the preferences for backups as you’d prefer.

You can, for instance, create a backup schedule as well as a time and frequency. All subsequent backups will be made in accordance with that plan.

2. On Demand Backups

It is possible to create manual backups of your database and other files prior to implementing a major update to your website. Manual backups are able to be made anytime you want.

3. Local Backups

It copies the most recent data you back using the methods described above and then stores it on your server.

In terms of Backup Restoration, you can restore backups in just a single click with Their Restore Service. The amount of data stored in the backup is based on the options you listed in the previous paragraph.

Cloudways also provides some partial restore options.

When you select an option to backup you can select to restore only web files, or only databases, or to restore everything. Overall the backup and restoration option offered by Cloudways is extraordinary.

However Cloudways’ Backups service Cloudways is not completely free. Cloudways charges $0.033 per gigabyte of data that is backed up that is Rs2.74/GB. However, the problem is they’re rounding the cost of backups by the equivalent of a $0.5 increment!

So, you’ll need to shell out a minimum amount of $0.5 even when you only back up 1GB of data from your website!

The backup service is a requirement when you sign up for Cloudways hosting. Backups are saved on a different server to ensure more efficient recovery administration.

Cloudways Server Recovery

Recently, Cloudways also introduced a Server Recovery feature that lets you recover deleted servers in just 15 days!

When you mistakenly delete the service from the account you have, this powerful security feature will allow you to restore your account to its normal.

Cloudways Support

Cloudways: With Cloudways you can get email support, as well as Live chat, however there is no telephone assistance.

I received thorough responses by their Live Chat support staff within five minutes. They’re certainly experienced, however, the frequency of their responses fluctuated between 2 and 5 minutes.

The Live Chat can be accessed in three different phases. If you require support for advanced needs You can look into the below.

  1. The Standard support is completely free and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. The Advanced support add-on promises a faster response times and more efficient troubleshooting. It’s only $100 a month!
  3. The Premium Support offers 24/7/365-days of assistance, a dedicated account manager, as well as a exclusive Slack channel. The premium support add-on is priced at monthly fee of $500!

They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base that includes helpful and annotations, a community forum as well as a blog where they publish content about eCommerce, startups affiliates, apps and the most recent updates on Cloudways.

Overall, I had no significant issues with Cloudways customer service and was able to get my questions answered quickly and efficiently.

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways provides a range of pricing plans available for the five hosting providers. Cloudways’ DigitalOcean plans start at $10/month which includes 1 250 GB RAM, 25 GB storage space, as well as 1TB Bandwidth.

They also use the unique “Pay as you Go’ payment model. That means that if you’re using servers for two days, you’ll be required to pay for the duration of 2 days!

The server with the lowest specs, (1 GB plan from DigitalOcean which costs $10 per month) costs $0.0139/hour that is only Rs1.02 which is incredibly inexpensive!

The greatest benefit of Cloudways is that their renewal fees remain the same across all their plans. A key point to keep in mind in this regard is that Cloudways charges twice as much as the plans offered by each hosting provider.

For instance, if DigitalOcean has its Starter plan for $5/month and you sign up on Cloudways you can get the same service for only $10/month. You can opt for the private hosting provider for a cheaper price. But, you’ll be unable to access the Managed aspect to web hosting.

Cloudways is more expensive because it offers top security and support as well as the maintenance and support of your servers and application. In essence, it costs for managed hosting.

Cloudways Best Plan

If you’re only starting with your site I suggest going to the Standard plans from DigitalOcean that start at $10 per month.

In addition you could also check for Vultr high Frequency servers, which cost the cost of $13/month. They provide higher speeds and are worthwhile if you own your own eCommerce shop.

Cloudways Free Trial

You are entitled to a free 3-day trial of the DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr hosting providers, without the need for the use of a credit card.

It might appear to be a bit limited but I believe it’s enough to try all the features and functions of Cloudways before deciding whether or not you’d like to buy Cloudways.

Cloudways Payment Methods

It is primarily able to accept payments via Credit and Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) as well as Paypal. In instances, it is possible to also make payments via wire transfer however, the minimum amount required must be at minimum $1000!

If you are looking for Indian methods of payment, Hostinger and Bluehost are the best hosting options for you!

Cloudways Refund Policy

In contrast to other hosting options such as Cloudways is not like A2 Hosting or Bluehost, Cloudways doesn’t have any refund policy. However, you can try a free trial for 3 days that doesn’t require the use of a credit card.

This is a great opportunity to get an initial test of their services and deciding whether or not you require these services.

Cloudways Discount Coupon Code

There is a unique discount code just for you! All you have to do is buy an Cloudways hosting service through my hyperlink and then enter OUR coupon code ABCDCLOUD.

It will provide you with an additional 20% discount on the hosting plan you prefer for the next three months. For more information be sure to check the Cloudways coupon discount code article.

Cloudways Migration

Cloudways provides the option of moving your website’s first one for free. This is applicable to all Cloudways’ hosting plans. If you are WordPress customers, they will receive their own WordPress Migration plugin that helps to transfer your sites easily.

Cloudways Staging

Cloudways provides a staging space that includes all plans. Staging allows you to create a duplicate of your website, and to test your changes on it.

The changes are made locally and do not reflect on the live site. If you’re satisfied with the new changes they can be implemented on your live website in just one click.

If you wish to test an update then you’ll first have to duplicate your existing website.

It is possible to do this by through the ‘Push’ function. All you have be able to accomplish is

  • Select the Staging app and press the button.
  • Choose whether you wish to copy only applications file or the whole database.

It will create a replica of your site. Then you can edit it, and then test the changes you make over it.

When you’re done you can make use of the Pull function to copy the clone’s data onto the original site in just one click. This sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Cloudways provides two types of options for you copy your documents.

  • Overwriting copies the changes over the top of previous changes. It then completely replaces the original data with the latest one.
  • Incrementing copies only the modifications have been made, and the rest of them remain the same as they were when originally created.

In the end, I’m amazed by the speedy and efficient Staging feature Cloudways offers. Cloudways.

Cloudways Security

The security aspect is by far the most critical aspect of your site. Cloudways provides the following security options.

  • 2FA: Using Two Factor authentication it is possible to secure your logins using secure codes created by authenticator applications such as Authy as well as Google Authenticator.
  • New Login Alert: If an unrelated device is logged into the Cloudways account, it are able to set up email notifications or even receive an access code to verify the device!
  • Unlimited SSL: Unlimited Let’sEncrypt SSL Certificates are available for installation on all websites at no cost. They also accept third-party SSL certificates.
  • Bot Protection effectively blocks bots and hackers and stops them from harming your website.
  • Server Monitoring Alerts If the downtime for the server or other resources is more than 10 minutes, you will be immediately notified via email.
  • Firewall: It shields your website from cyber-attacks, malware and other threats.
  • The IP blocker are able to block or whitelist specific IP addresses that are unable to access your site.

Cloudways Safe Updates

If you are using this WordPress CMS for managing and publishing your blog content there is a chance that you could be at risk! The themes and plugins that we utilize on WordPress may have weaknesses that could result in your whole site being affected.

So, Cloudways recently came up with an amazing solution that is called Secure update for WordPress. It works by making an image of your website and then constructing a staging website.

The updates are carried out on the staging site, and photos are taken prior as well after updates. After that, various tests of speed and performance are conducted on the staging site in order to look for any complications or mistakes.

After all updates have been carefully scrutinized, they are put on your live site. The benefit of this update is that your site won’t be affected by any downtime and design changes, breaks or performance problems.

If we talk about the cost For 1-3 applications, you’d be charged $3 per month for each application. For more than six applications, you’ll be charged $2/month for each application.

Astra Pro Theme with Cloudways

There’s a good new news to Cloudways customers! Recently, Cloudways has partnered with Astra and is providing Astra Pro free for the duration of a full year!

When you purchase Astra Pro, you will have access to a variety of attractive templates including adhesive headers and white labels design layouts for blogs, advanced color control and much more. All of this is available on unlimited websites for the duration of one year.

After one year the plan will cost you $4/month for unlimited sites within the Astra Pro plan. Check out my comprehensive article to learn how you can get Astra Pro free with Cloudways.

Cloudways Additional Features

Inode Count

Inode Count refers the total amount of files you can store in your plan for hosting. For my $10/month subscription with DigitalOcean I am provided with 16 lakh inodes. This is about 4 times more than other hosting companies such as Hostinger, ChemiCloud as well as FastComet that offer an average of 3-6 million inodes.

If you’re in search of unlimited bandwidth on the hosting service you use, would be an ideal choice.

Cloudways Account Sharing

Account Sharing is an exclusive feature that a hosting service provider can offer. Cloudways allows you to join your team to the account, and allow users access to the console.

You may give them full access to the hosting accounts you have, or grant them limited access to certain servers or categories, such as applications such as Console, Billing, Support, Specific Server etc.

All of these permissions can be useful when you have to provide access to your account to your manager, clients or support staff, for example.

Cloudways Vertical Scaling

Cloudways hosting Cloudways hosting service, you are able to expand your server’s capacity or CPU as well as storage capacity as you experience any increase in your website’s traffic.

When you choose DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr the process is indefinite and you are unable to increase or decrease your resources in the future. However, if you opt for Google Cloud and AWS you are able to seamlessly expand your services or scale them down according to your needs!

With various service providers, you have access to a variety of services. For instance, Google Cloud and AWS allow you to scale the server’s CPU, servers and storage separately.

However, Linode, Vultr, and DigitalOcean can only scale all three together. This is a problem, especially when you don’t have a need to scale other components.

Cloudways Self-Healing Servers

Cloudways is a unique self-healing servers which automatically start up in the event that an problem is discovered.

In case the server is down there is no need to take action. It will be able to resume functioning independently.

Additionally, you can keep an eye on the status of processes running on your server via your Manage Services tab under Server Management. If there are any problems, you can manually stop or restart any service with just a click!

Cloudways Website Traffic Metrics

Cloudways console Cloudways cloudways console you are able to monitor your website’s traffic as well as other vital metrics such as:

  1. The IP request report reveals the IP address that is accessed your website the most frequently.
  2. Bot Traffic lists an inventory of bots who are using your site’s resources, and you can stop them immediately.
  3. URL Requests displays the most popular URLs on your website.
  4. Status Codes: It can help you keep an eye on websites that are not accessible because of 404 error, 502 error,.

Cloudways Email Hosting

However, Cloudways does not offer free email hosting with the plans it offers. The add-on, Rackspace Email lets you host one professional email account at $1 per month.

My recommendation is that Zoho Emails would be a excellent choice if require email functionality for your website.

Cloudways CDN

It’s true that Cloudways doesn’t offer an unrestricted CDN in the hosting plan. Cloudways CDN is an add-on to hosting plans. Cloudways CDN add-on is not included in the hosting pack but it is available for a fee of one dollar per 25GB.

If you’re in search of an inexpensive CDN then you can connect to the Cloudflare CDN. You can also gain access to Cloudflare Enterprise Grade CDN. Cloudflare enterprise grade CDN by registering with Cloudways today.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Cloudways has teamed up with Cloudflare to offer you Cloudflare’s Enterprise Grade CDN at extremely low prices! Cloudflare’s Enterprise CDN of Cloudflare is the most expensive, and can cost anywhere from $1000-$5000 per month.

If you do have an account with Cloudways hosting account, you can obtain the identical Enterprise-grade CDN with all of its modern features for just $5 per month! If you own multiple websites hosted with Cloudways and you want to pay for them all at once, you’ll only have to pay $2/month per website.

Cloudways Technology and Applications

In terms of technologies, Cloudways uses PHP 8.1 in conjunction alongside Apache as well as Nginx servers. It is compatible with a variety types of CMS platform, eCommerce software as well as PHP-based applications. It is possible to install WordPress WooCommerce, PHP, Magento, and Laravel by just one click!

While, 13 other applications such as Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc, can be installed on your server by hand using your PHP Stack.

Is Cloudways Good for High-Traffic Websites?

After reviewing these results, I’d highly would recommend Cloudways even for sites with large monthly traffic, with more than 1 lakh visitors each month. Why?

Due to it’s Vertical Scaling feature you are able to change or upgrade your server as you’d like. Begin with the $10 plan, and upgrade when your traffic increases. If you wish to upgrade later, you are able to do so easily.

Cloudways Advantages

1. Exceptional Speed

With its more than 65 server locations, and a combination with Apache or Nginx server, users will be able speedy speeds at all servers.

2. Unbeatable Uptime

Cloudways hosting boasts an incredible uptime performance. Even the cheapest server on Digital Ocean provides 99.99% uptime.

3. Customizable Backups

With Cloudways You have full management of your servers as well as the apps you use. You can make backups on demand, or you can configure your backup preferences to create regular backups, as often as you’d like.

4. Impressive Load Handling

Cloudways’ load-handling capabilities Cloudways is unbeatable! Cloudways passed our load tests without a single HTTP failures and a steady response time even with lots of requests.

5. All-Round Security

It comes with a range of security features that protect your website from malware and malware, unauthorised users and much other threats.

6. Good Customer Support

I personally enjoyed their quick live chat service. Their representatives were all technically proficient, and I experienced no difficulty in solving my issues.

7. Managed Cloud Service

Since Cloudways is managed hosting provider, everything from backups to server administration application installation, as well as monitoring of resources is a click away!

Also, you get a fast support and automatic updates to all your applications!

8. Scalable

Cloudways’ platform is extremely adaptable since at any point during the day, you have the ability to expand your server’s capacity according to spikes in your site’s traffic.

9. Constant Updates

Cloudways hosting is constantly making updates and adding new features regularly in their hosting platform. This is the way it keeps its status as the best hosting providers on the market!

10. No Extra Renewal Fee

Cloudways, on the other hand, Cloudways the user is charged an amount fixed for the purchase of new hosting and for its renewal. You do not have to pay any additional fees to renew your hosting, which is fantastic!

11. Pay as you go Pricing Model

Cloudways provides a unique “Pay as you Go’ pricing model. It means that users only have to pay for the features they need and it is extremely cost-effective.

11. 65 Server Locations

Cloudways collaborates with five unmanaged web hosts, which include Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, and Vultr that together provide 65+ data center sites for their customers.

Cloudways Disadvantages

1. No Email Hosting

Unfortunately, you cannot get free email hosting with Cloudways. This feature is available via Cloudways’ Rackspace add-on, which costs 1 per month for one email account.

2. Slight Learning Curve

Users who are tech-savvy should have no issues operating Cloudways. Cloudways console. However, beginners may experience some learning curves due to the variety of choices and configurations.

3. No Free Domain

Cloudways isn’t an online Domain registration services. Therefore, you must sign up your domain on another domain registrar such as GoDaddy or Dynadot and then obtain hosting for it through Cloudways.

4. More Charges on Larger Server

The cost of hosting keeps increasing with each step of increasing the size of your server. For instance you can get the Starter package of DigitalOcean servers that have 25GB of space costs you $10/month. However, their 160GB servers will cost you $80 per month!

5. No Litespeed Servers

Cloudways utilizes a strong mix of both Nginx as well as Apache servers for all plans. Cloudways performs exceptionally well and I’d like to be able to see Litespeed servers running on Cloudways in the near future.

Cloudways Alternatives

If your job is centered about WordPress CMS, then Cloudways is the best choice for you. However, if you’d prefer to explore other options then you should look at the following options.

1. is a fully-managed WordPress hosting service that provides incredible speeds, unparalleled uptime and excellent capacity to manage load.

Like Cloudways It also provides high-end protection, Cloudflare Enterprise CDN and great backup options but doesn’t offer hosting of emails. However the pricing plans are rather costly for newbies. The plans start at $25 per month.

You can sign up for your hosting plan for just 1 cent for the initial month, by using promo code “LAUNCH” during the checkout! If this doesn’t work, you could receive 30% off your hosting plan for the first 3 months with Coupon code KRIPESH at the time of checkout.

2. WP Engine

WPEngine manages a WordPress hosting service that gives 24/7 support, a free SSL regular backups, staging of websites, and automated migrations.

It also gives you the option of 10 themes for all plans, which aren’t available on Cloudways. Hosting plans start at $30 per month!

3. Kinsta

Kinsta is a second managed WordPress hosting website that offers attractive prices and a variety of features. It provides 24/7 support, a free CDN, SSH access, security services, as well as automatic and manual daily backups on all plans.

Its 30-day refund policy and the ability to migrate without limitation gives it an advantage edge over Cloudways. Hosting plans offered by Kinsta begin at $30 per month.

4. Flywheel

Flywheel is managed WordPress hosting solution that is targeted at customers. Therefore, it is the best choice for businesses with websites. It comes with a free CDN and an internal software for caches, free migrations and 24-hour assistance.

Its numerous tools for managing workflows and 10 StudioPress themes stand it apart from Cloudways. The hosting plans offered by Flywheel start at just $13/month.

Should you use Cloudways?

My opinion is that Cloudways is an excellent choice among most reliable web hosts in 2023. Cloudways offers top performance in terms speed, scalability and uptime and load tests. Additionally it also gives you strong options for backups as well as security.

Over the past year, they’ve introduced numerous updates to their platform. They’ve included Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, Astra Pro Collaboration, Safe Updates, Partial Restoration, and many more.

So, Cloudways offers you top-quality service that is constantly updated at a reasonable prices. That’s why I consider Cloudways worth every penny of your budget!

If you’ve got a lot of traffic (over 100kor more) on your blog, or earn money from your blog, Cloudways is a good option. Small to mid-sized enterprises as well as professionals, bloggers agencies, resellers and seasonal websites should definitely take a look at Cloudways.If you’re looking for a web hosting solution that is that is affordable then you should consider Hostinger, Chemicloud and FastComet.

Why Should You Trust Us?

I’ve been a full-time employee in the field of digital since the year 2015. Over the years, I’ve utilized a variety of web hosting providers to support my clients and work.

I’ve been a paying member for Cloudways for the past three years, and I have reviewed it annually since the time I joined. In fact the blog I run is hosted on Cloudways too!

Hostinger, FastComet as well as ChemiCloud are among the notable hosting companies that I’ve reviewed. I’m still in active plans with more than a dozen hosting providers and update their most recent information on features and uptimes in my blog each month.

Continuously testing and using several hosting providers has allowed me to gain sufficient experience, knowledge, and knowledge to assess their capabilities and suggest the most appropriate one to fulfill your needs.


With Cloudways you will enjoy excellent speeds along with uptime, data, and centers spread across 65+ cities across the globe. Alongside fast and reliable customer service You also receive top-quality security for a reasonable price.

So, Cloudways is proving to be an effective hosting service for 2023. If you’re interested in trying out Cloudways and get a free trial, click my link to receive a 20 discount off any plan you want to use.

Additionally you’ll also receive the benefit of a free membership to the cloudways training course which will teach you how to configure and set up Cloudways Hosting easily. Therefore, take advantage of this deal now!

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