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MailChimp Pricing, Reviews: Pros And Cons 2021

MailChimp is the first newsletter tool that springs the mind because they have great marketing. Mailchimp is an American marketing platform and email marketing service. An American company founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, with Dan Kurzius joining at a later date. The headquarters is in Ponce city market Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. But the one thing about Mailchimp pricing is quite higher than another email tool.

In 2016, Mailchimp was ranked No. 7 on the Forbes cloud 100 lists. In February 2017, the company was named one of the fastest company, most innovative companies of 2017.

In February 2019, Mailchimp acquired lemon stand, a smaller competitor. The company announced its annual revenue would reach $700 million.

In march 2020 with the stated goal of international growth. The magazine has a readership of 100,000 readers in for than 26 countries.

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MailChimp Pricing, Reviews:

Before discussing all the pros and cons of mailchimp, here is the few things you can have a look at:

Pros of mailchimp- Signup CRM, Marketing CRM, Tags and Contact Profile, Segmentation, Predicted Demographics, Behavioral Targeting, campaign Templates, Mailchimp Support, Content Studio, Dynamic Content, A/B Testing, Smart Recommendation, Surveys.

Cons of Mailchimp: Limited Email Automation, Mailchimp Pricing.

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Pros of Mailchimp

  • Audience Management

Your audience data is one of the most valuable tools you have for improving your marketing and growing your business. But as your business grow, so does the amount of customer data you have to  track of .

Most people know their campaigns generate helpful data reports, but many do not realize Mailchimp also provides tools to organize and interpret the data on a higher level to show whom you are talking to.

Signup CRM

If you plan to import contacts, make sure your data formatted for our field types.

Text,  Number, Radio buttons, Check boxes, Drop down, Date, Birthday, Address, Zip code, Phone, Website,  Image and Language

When you add or remove fileds from your signup from through our Builder , the same field will be added or removed from your audience database .

Marketing CRM

customer relationship management is not just for big business. Create connections from day 1 with our marketing CRM tools.

Connect all your contact data, Organize what you know, Understand patterns in your data, and turn audience insights into action.

Mailchimp, connecting your favorite tools, and keeping all your contact data in Mailchimp helps to stay organized and improve your marketing.

Tags and Contact profile

Tags are customizable lables to creat for your contact profile based on what is important for your knowldege. Mailchimp comes with lots of built in way to search within your data .

Once you start tagging contacts you will come to know your most commonly used tags on your audinence dashboard , so you can start sending targeted campaigns .

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By identifying a single characteristic that you want to filter your audience by you can start to be more international about what you say. As your audience grow, you can layer up to 4-5 segmentation to find who you want to talk to. If you want to save these search filters they will update automatically with the latest data, so you will always know you are talking to the right one.

Segmentation helps us to prevent unsubscribes because people are not getting swarmed with email. You can see the correlation between your segmentation and increased sales.

Predicted demographics

Mailchimp predicted demographics help you to understand more about who you are talking to so you can refine your messages get connect with them in a better way. knowing who you are talking to helps you to build that relationship.

Predicted demographics to learn about who your customers are so they can start connecting with you to create more personalized campaigns that resonate with different age and gender segments.

Behavioral targeting

Targeting more precise and increase relevance when you layer on behavioral data as segmentation criteria. You can build your segments on how your audience has busy with your Mailchimp website, your campaigns, your app, or their prior purchase behavior.

Behavioral targeting makes highly personalized and timely marketing possible by pairing contact data with time information about the action. This is good for businesses because personalized marketing is more effective. it is also good for consumers, who will no longer be shown content that is not relevant to them.

  • Creative Tools
  • Creative assistant

The creative assistant lets you choose from a design made uniquely for you, to get start import your brand’s assets and house them in a brand kit, allowing you to create a custom design using your brand colour, logos, fonts and images.

When you brand personality setting, you now have control over the look and feel of your designs for every asset you create for giving you a cohesive brand look across your marketing touchpoints.

Campaign templates

Design and marketing your creatives assets directly in Mailchimp, then reuse them across all of your marketing channels. Create, design, and send great email campaigns. Publish beautiful landing pages that make it an easy way to sell your stuff or grow your list. 

The out of the box design layout has made your jobs easy. You can make your jobs easy. we can make nice-looking emails in uber 5- 10 minutes.

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Mailchimp Support

Mailchimp support is very much good and they have highly skilled executive to solver your query. But Mailchimp support service is only for paid customer or who are already taken their plan.

Content studio

Your creative assistant blend design principle with your smart to automatically build beautiful, on-brand design for you in a second. choose and edit your favorite option and let our al resize them for each marketing channel.

Upload your assets edit them directly in the content studio and then use them across all of your marketing.

You will store your photos documents and other files in one location, so you will always be able to find exactly what you are looking for. And when you connect your store and social media accounts, you will pull in all of yours product image.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content feature to tailor a single email to different contacts in your audience. Add this setting to the content block and you will make sure to show or hide it based on the condition you choose.

This feature is available for users with a standard plan or higher for compliance reasons, dynamic content is unavailable for footer content block. Saved templates and replicated mails retain any dynamic content settings.

The raw message data includes all dynamic content settings, in test emails, the raw message data includes all dynamic content regardless of the recipient.

  • Insights & Analytics
  • Reports

Our growth engagement and revenue reports will help you to learn about more the behavior of your audience. The MailChimp mobile app puts time campaign data. keep tabs on all your marketing campaigns including email, social ads, automation, and more.

A/B testing

It is not always obvious what’s going to resonate best with your customers but with Mailchimp, you have been able to identify a strategy that doubled your engagement and revenue.

Smart recommendation

Connect your store and take advantage of the data-driven eCommerce feature to help you understand your audience, increase purchases, and create lasting customer relationships.


Mailchimp surveys connect to your Mailchimp CRM email and customer journey builder. You can choose which contact receives them and apply tags based on their responses. collect data on demographics, customer satisfaction, and more, then use what you learn to create segments.

Cons of Mailchimp

High Mailchimp Pricing:

Mailchimp pricing is quite higher than another email tool. They offer a generous plan, the prices get steep quickly once you start needing to increase your email. as they are providing high-quality service and features that are the only reason for Mailchimp pricing is high. Mailchimp pricing is starting from $10.50/mo.

Limited email automation :

Through their autoresponders are solid, Mailchimp disappoints when it comes to more.


Mailchimp is a good tool for most English-speaking users as well as their plans. Their subscription plans are relatively expensive compared to similar newsletter tools. There is a bucketload of integration for Mailchimp, which could be due to the number of active users they have. And overall we can say that yes Mailchimp is a very good platform to start your email marketing campaign except for Mailchimp pricing and Mailchimp support we would like to star 4.5/5.

If you are a businessman or woman and you want specific needs like powerful marketing automation or the use of your own tracking domain, then you may need to look further afield for correct newsletter tools.

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