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Auto Pilot Email Tools Reviews: Advantages & Disadvantages 2021

Autopilot is basically famous for cloud-based email marketing & marketing automation software, which helps companies to connect their marketing system.

The companies can automate their marketing touchpoints and increase their customer. Autopilot also helps to be marketing, lead intelligence CRM tools allow which allow massage constantly using Email, SMS, Physical Mail.

In the year of 2012, Autopilot was formed as Bislr Inc. It was founded by three Australian brothers Mike, Chris, and Peter when there were in Bondi Beach, Australia with around up to 15M of funding. The first email of Autopilot was sent over a network set up by the Department of Defense called ARPANET.

The network is basically a base of the internet as we know it, and this first email send was one step for inboxes of anyone and one great opportunity for email kind. After that, there’s a big gap in their history since the internet was built and email was initially used for inter-organizational communication.

Then the system was started in the year 1990. At that time the internet was started to catch on with the general public and AOL, Yahoo!, and Hotmail were introduced to the world. Then the internet was becoming a trend and market experts started to pay attention to it.

After that the word “Spam” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary and introduced in the email marketing industry, within some days it becomes the trend in this industry and every market expert is trying to learn this technique.

After some time the consumers are bombarded with email spam, here comes the Spam Act 2003. This act reduced unsolicited email marketing. It shows that every marketing email has sent an unsubscribe link along with details of the sender.

In the late 1990s, we come to know about HTML emails, before that everything was just normal text nothing more than that. It adds glamour to this email industry, this feature helps us to make the email look cooler and attractive. Then 2000s brought us many facilities like – smartphones, Responsive Emails, and Interactive Emails, which made possible with the integration of CSS and HTML. This system is running till now.

In the year of 2015, many research institutes conducted studies where they find that 46% of smartphone users said they “couldn’t live without their phone”. When it comes to email, 88% of smartphone owners use emails facility on their phones at least once during the study period.

Now don’t need to tell what we see in the email inbox, we already know that. Marketers have followed the creative way to promote their product to the consumers which helps them to be unique from the others. It led to our current day’s email marketing context where companies use clever ideas to increase engagement.

Proper segmentation and personalization will always be the key to email marketing. It is always like a building block of good email marketing.

Let’s Discuss about some key features of Email Marketing –

  1. Pre-header text: – It is a piece of a sentence that doubles up as a secondary subject line. Marketers
  2. use this as a bonus for their email content so that people are compelled to open it up.
  3. Visual, Graphics, and videos: – images are a way to engage the customers visually. Because everyone will have interested to see a video rather than read an article. To use this feature, marketers are following the trends of adding GIFs to present the information more clearly and to delight readers.
  4. Pixel Art – There was a time when marketers had to mention relevant images caption as an alternative way so email cloud communicates what was the image, in case if client disabled the images option by default, this way people can read what was there in the place of the image instead of seeing it.
  5. Interactive Elements – Interactive elements like – countdown timers, are used to encourage people to take action rather than just gone through it. Ecommerce websites are mostly following this technique to draw attention to limited sales & discounts during busy shopping seasons.
  6. Dynamic Personalization – 72% of customers don’t want generic marketing or old marketing. That’s why modern shoppers want messages that are timely, knowledgeable, tailored to their specific context, where personalization has been used.

Pros of Autopilot –

Here we will be going to discuss what autopilot is offering to use and grow your business.

  1. A/B Testing – You can change the content, language, and communication style of your emails and make them creative. Use AB Split to test new techniques and analyze what suits you and what can be improved.
  • CRM integration – you can use this feature to gain a single and real-time view of your customers and integrate your CRM software with Autopilot.
  • SMS Marketing – Cut through the noise and directly target your customers on the device they use, where SMS marketing can help you. SMS marketing will be targeting your key customer not the whole marketing approach.
  • Lead Generation – You can create a content strategy that engages your target audience and use the visual canvas to design lead generation strategies with forms, Facebook Ads, Emails, Landing Pages, and more. Which can generate more leads for your organization.
  • Insights App – This is basically a visual way to know what’s converting at every step of your customer journey. It shows you a graphical format where you can understand the progress easily.
  • Personalized Email – You can create and send targeted emails with content that resonates with your customer. Improve conversion rates and click-through rates to nurture your leads and increase sales. It helps modern shoppers to send messages timely, knowledgeable, tailored to their specific context.
  • 30-day free trial – Every person is different and their like and unlike is also different to respect that experience unlike others it offers you a free 30-day trial where you can try this software. In the trial period, you don’t have to pay for your service. If everything suits you then you can go further.
  • Customer Segmentation – With Autopilot you can gain a deeper understanding of your target market and discover what content is most valuable to them at every stage of the customer journey. Feedback is a key technique to improve the quality of your company. It also helps you to understand the need of your customer and improve accordingly.
  1. Marketing CRM & Collaboration – With this feature you can apply your CRM solution to our automation software and choose the marketing apps that work for you. Collaboration is one of the best ways to increase the engagement of customers by work as a team. Work as a team is never been easier. Add context to your journey with annotations and collaborate in real-time Marketing Collaborating Software.
  • Website Tracking – Website is a part of marketing strategy where you have to put all the details of your organizations and people come there and go through the content. With the help of autopilot, you can track your website every second. You can see who is visiting your website, who is availing of the services you provide etc.
  • Lead Scoring & Nurturing – Put your marketing and sales team on the same page to evaluate the efficiency of lead nurturing campaigns and design an effective customer journey. It also helps to grow relationships with new customers and accelerate their buying journey through regular communication. Ensure your leads think your brand first when they are ready to buy.
  • Data-Driven Marketing – Autopilot’s insights reporting tool is a visual way to help you analyze your data to understand what’s converting at every step of the customer journey. Customer feedback is one of the key strategies to improve your business Autopilot helps you to understand that strategy for the betterment of your organization.

Cons of Autopilot –

  1. Higher Introductory Price – The packages of Autopilot is 49$/month, 149$/month, and 249$/month it is a little bit higher compared to others.
  • Limited services in the Trial period – You cannot use the overall services of Autopilot in the trial period.


The overall experience with Autopilot is great. Every marketer should use this facility at the initial stage. The most attractive part is the trial period if anyone wants to test this service rather than purchasing it then it is for them. It is very user-friendly also. If anyone new in this field then definitely he/she should use this service.

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