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Hubspot is one of the best email marketing tool, and it has been established by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. It is an American-based company and having its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

It deals with software products. The aim of these products and services is to provide tools for customer relationship management, web analytics, generation of lead, customer support, conducting marketing in social media, management of content.

In November 2016 Hubspot launched Hubspot academy with the intention to provide an online training facility for different digital marketing training programs. It creates promotion of inbound marketing through their own marketing skills. It facilitates user group conferences.

It smoothly balances the customer interaction features. On dashboard Hubspot integrated taboola, third-party services like extensions, templates are also available. Twitter tracking feature has also been introduced by this company in the year 2011. The company achieves about worth $1 billion in revenues in the year 2021.


1.Website CMS :
This feature is new and it is launched in the year 2018. It is easy to use. One can easily use this for the purpose of developing a website. It is a convenient content management platform. Without any complications, anyone can adopt this feature.

2.SEO Recommendations : Without having technical knowledge one can easily publish and update content across in the website. Technical knowledge is not mandatory in this case.

3.Website Themes
: It provides edumy, Lamba, flex, horn edmo, charity plus type of themes. Through the help of this one can easily design website and make changes according to the companies requirements.

4.Drag and drop editor: It Serves a flexible editing facility. With the help of this facility, one can easily edit the website and make changes according to the organization’s needs. This is really a beneficial editing tool for the customers.

5.Marketing Hub : It produce more marketing machine by applying fewer efforts. It is one of the most important features which helps in designing marketing strategies and policies and depicts a picture of how these machines can be used to their best in the various fields.

6.Marketing Automation : Its main purpose is to focus on business growth. Making the usage of the product to their best in every desired field. So that in future it helps in expanding company’s growth and can have huge customers.

7.Generation of lead: It attracts huge customers through e-mail marketing facilities which end up in the resulting generation of more lead. As soon as the more customer is visiting the website the more it is reaching to people, and people are easily able to know about the companies products and services.

  1. Analytics: It helps in tracking the overall subscriber behavior in our email campaign. How they are responding to the company products and services and how they are relating to it. Getting an overall review of the customer is really important for any company or business so that it will help the company to understand their customer needs and demands so that they can make their products or services easlily available to them according to their needs.

  1. Service Hub : It provides various kinds of services to customers. It is like a help desk center. Providing guidance and knowledge about the companies products and services. Its main intention is to make customers happy by listening to their problems and queries.
    a) Tickets: The most important feature of this particular ticket is to become a representative of a customer or user so that it can represent the customer problem and queries directly to the company so that the company can resolve those problems.
  1. b) Customer support : It ensures customer assistance by solving their queries and guiding them to a right direction.Email support is available on the website. c)Knowledge base: The information which is provided to the customers can be easily understood and to provide basic knowledge about the companies various products and services explaining about their features, benefits, usage, etc so that the customers may find it suitable to buy the product
  2. Sales hub : Its main focus is to look into companies’ sales generation through the help of which company will earn a profit. At the end of the day, every company or organization will look for profits because which is one of the foremost features of running a business or an organization or a company.

  1. Such as:
    a) Meeting Scheduling: It schedules proper meetings which will help in interactions with the people as well marketers,and will end up in resulting a proper communication process across various departments which is very much essential in case of running a business.
  2. b) CRM availability:- CRM is freely available with any package that a company would avail. It has transformed the similar pattern of selling methods of the marketers into a new advanced level.So that with the changing scenario of the business or working environment one can easily adjust with the help of this effective tool. Every business having an inbound marketing strategy policy can adapt this feature to bring a massive change in revenue and also in dealing with customers.
  3. c) Quotes : These helps the customers in choosing the right product or avail right services for them.With the help of quoting one can easily understand the efficiency of that particular product and services. These quoting facility is really very important as it generates a kind of first impression in the mind of the customers.Customers learn about companies products not only by their description which is provided into the website but also from the quotes that has
    been considered for that particular product or services


1.Customer Support
: In case of live chat no human is available . So in that case, the queries and questions that are raised by the customers are hampered as the queries and questions remain unrecognized. There will be a great problem if the customer queries and questions are not properly answered.

  1. High Introductory price: The cost is too expensive as the introductory price is only $45/m and many companies may find it unsuitable to use just because of its high price. Packages start at $45/m and vary to $2400/m for enterprise level. The sales hub has an additional pricing structure which will put a burden on overall aspects to the owners of the company.
  2. Sale Service Cost: It has an additional burden of sale service cost structure., Which many companies may find not suitable to adapt as because it will increase the overall pricing structure.

  1. Overall it’s a very trustworthy built software and can work accordingly with the strategies and methodology that been adopted by the company.
  2. It helps in building up B2B and B2C marketing strategies with the three main tools, marketing hub, sales hub, service hub. It is one of the finest and most efficient tools to work with. It depicts the full picture of customer interaction with the website.
  3. It polishes work procedures and business strategies so that it can achieve its designated goal. It integrates an e-commerce platform. It facilitates various campaigns regarding their products and services so that they can be made easily available to everyone. It offers several pricing structures based on the respective tier.
  4. It depicts a crystal clear picture of the customer interaction with the company. It provides an excellent inbound marketing strategy. Any companies that have been planning of having an inbound marketing strategy can adapt this Hubspot for their business purpose.
  5. It not only ensures companies’ productivity but also gives customer assistance to the finest level. It hosts conferences and builds new marketing policies for the companies to make this in best possible use for generating various kinds of products and services.
  6. It has robust features for e-commerce brands looking to be a part of the inbound marketing strategy. It shifted the focus of the marketers from the monotonous traditional selling procedure to a new selling procedure by introducing digital marketing facilities. It enables companies to forecast revenue, team sales productivity, and generating reports on revenue sources.
  7. It tracks overall engagement involved with targeted marketing efforts. It offers CRM which is freely available with any package. This software as a service product easily integrates with G-suite, Microsoft office for windows, G-mail, and as well as for other software. A unique feature has been added to it because it reaches the customers in an all-in-all approach.
  8. It brings an exceptional tracking and analytical feature. Under this HubSpot marketing, sales, service, all together is working off. It provides the ability to automate emails after the customer takes a particular action. With the help of this HubSpot one can achieve remarkable customer experiences.
  9. It helps a company in achieving a huge number of customers through the help of email marketing facilities. Digital marketing ensures companies’ productivity and growth so that they would gain a lot of profits.
  10. It also provides online training facilities regarding various digital marketing programs through which many people will be able to make them easily connect with the companies policies and programs. Hubspot is really beneficial and will be effective in generating a marketing strategy.

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