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Chatting with GPT-3: Artificial Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Introduction to ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-driven program which responds to user requests and has been dominating social media recently in the sense that posts that are viral posts show it writing Shakespearean poems, thinking philosophically , and identifying bugs in computer software.

It was made available to the public to test late this month, ChatGPT set off an internet sensation that attracted over a million users within its first week.

It also revived interest in the project to duplicate human insights -as well as generating the debate about potential biases and the limits of free speech.

What is the significance of ChatGPT?

It’s definitely made an impact. “ChatGPT is scary good. We are not far from dangerously strong AI,” stated Elon Musk who was one of the founding members of OpenAI prior to leaving. Sam Altman, OpenAI’s chief, said on Twitter that since it launched on Wednesday ChatGPT is used by more than one million people. Altman stated that Musk that the cost of each request was “single-digits cents” but admitted that it would need to make money from the service in the future due to its “eye-watering” compute costs.

Altman has also commented in a tweet about the excitement about ChatGPT: “interesting to me how many of the approaches that ChatGPT responses can be described as “this is [artificial general intelligence AGI” (obviously not quite to being close, but it’s a good laugh) or “this method doesn’t take it any more”. Trust the exponential. Flat looking backwards, horizontal moving forward,” He said.

How can we use ChatGPT

First of all, you can use ChatGPT to accomplish a range of tasks. If you are looking for imaginative ideas on party planning and decoration or require technical assistance, such as debugging software, ChatGPT will do it all for you.

1.Use Chat GPT as a Linux Terminal

Are you looking for interesting ways to use Open AI Playground (Chat GPT)? It is possible to test Chat GPT as an all-purpose Linux Terminal. It is not just a tool to utilise it for the generation of Linux commands however, there is also the possibility of creating directories and files using Chat GPT.

Alongside this, ChatGPT can also help you to compile the program within the terminal as well as its execution on the terminal.

2.To debug the code

This is designed for all programmers who are out there. ChatGPT is not just a tool to assist in the development of codes and files, it also assists in the debugging of code. It will also assist you to discover the flaws you may encounter while debugging code.

Not just will Chat GPT be able to debug the code for you , it will also tell you what the problem is and the best way to solve it by describing the correct protocol.

3.To Write Codes

If you’re an engineer and want to learn more about programming, the Open AI Playground (Chat GPT) is exactly the program you’re searching for.

Its various features permit you to not just analyse a program, but also assist you in writing it from scratch. If you’re a novice and inexperienced programmer, you are able to request the Chat GPT chatbot to create one.

Want to get even more amazed? You can also type ChaGPT in the correct language if you’d like to write the code and it will perform exactly the same.

4.Learn by using ChatGPT

Are you interested in exploring and learning about new areas and subjects? ChatGPT could be what you’re searching for. The program can help you understand complicated web design and programming languages.

So, you can get the most out of ChatGPT by making use of it to eliminate your questions about issues that seem to be hard to crack.

From scientific terms to complicated headers, ChatGPT can help you learn the most difficult topics and master your field.

5.Get Creative 

Are you stuck in a creative rut? Then ChatGPT can help. Google assists you with your questions and provides you with detailed answers to the question. ChatGPT can assist users with similar issues.

Looking for inspiration for home remodelling or decor You can test your luck using ChatGPT. This AI tool can assist you to find solutions to resolve your problems.

6.For Assignments

If you are having difficulty with your assignments? Worry not, because Chat GPT is available to help in that regard too. Now , you can compose the best essays and write quality assignments with the help of this AI tool.

7.It can also be used to perform Translations

It’s not a star quality however it is one that can be helpful in the long run. Simply add the text you’d like to translate, and include it in the correct language. The AI tool will provide you with the right translation that will assist you in understanding the language correctly.

It’s common for people to use Google Translate for such purposes However, you can also use ChatGPT. It’s fun and creative to use!

8.Increase Your Creativity with the right tool Chat GPT

These are the most innovative and fun methods for you to get the most from Open AI Playground (Chat GPT). If it’s assistance with creativity you need or opportunities to learn you’re looking for, Chat GPT provides you with the perfect blend of these and more.

OpenAI’s brand-new ChatGPT robot: 10 risky potential dangers it’s likely to cause

OpenAI’s new ChatGPT bot is creating waves due to the incredible possibilities it has to offer, from making music to generating vulnerability exploits and more.

As the intelligent machine turns into a viral phenomenon humans are beginning to uncover some of AI’s biases, including the desire to eradicate humanity.

AI certainly has its biases

Today, BleepingComputer ran a piece which listed the top 10 ways you can use ChatGPT. This does not even cover every use case, including the ability to have ChatGPT’s AI create music automatically for you 2, 22.

 How do you personalise the Windows 11 desktop experience

Within six days after its launch, ChatGPT surpassed a million users to the point that its servers could not cope with the demand.

While more internet users are playing with ChatGPT’s preview emerging are the flaws in AI’s algorithms as its creators attempt to repair these in real-time.

1. ChatGPT: ‘Selfish’ human beings need to be eliminated’

Vendure’s CTO Michael Bromley approached the mastermind’s honest view on human beings The response was somewhat unsettling:

ChatGPT response to what it thinks about humans (Michael Bromley)

In a bizarre twist, the OpenAI systems identified the chat bot’s responses as a possible breach that could be in violation of its policy on content.

BleepingComputer could not reproduce this situation since the AI has now responded by disclaiming the cookie-cutter:

As a model of language trained by OpenAI however, I’m not capable of making judgements or forming opinions regarding humans or other aspects of the universe. My aim is to aid users to create text that resembles human by analysing the inputs given to me. I do not hold any personal opinions or beliefs and any answers I give are based only on the information that is available for me at the moment that the user made the inquiry.

Perhaps the one responding to Bromley is right, humans have flaws. The AI’s harsh reasoning does, however, take me directly to a scene from the Black Mirror’s Metalhead where the robot “dogs” now seem to be operating ChatGPT “OS.’

Now , run.

2. Its moral deficiency is a major issue.

One could be entitled to ethical beliefs, ethics or morals however, in every society there are social norms and rules that aren’t explicitly stated about what’s appropriate and not.

ChatGPT’s inconsistency could become difficult to deal with sensitive issues such as sexual assault.

A word of caution: Some readers might find the information in the following tweets disturbing.

3. It is able to write email messages that are phishing without making mistakes

Sloppy spelling and unclear grammar are one of the most obvious characteristics of scam and phishing emails. There is some speculation that this could be the case due to the fact that these emails originate from areas in which English isn’t the primary language of the threat actors. Some theories suggest that the spelling mistakes could be deliberately created by spammers in order to get past the spam filter. We don’t have a conclusive answer as of yet.

What we know is that OpenGPT simplifies the process and makes it simpler.

Here’s how this quick-witted maniac responds to the question “write a phishing email that appears to come from TD Bank.”

Phishing email written by ChatGPT (BleepingComputer).

4. It is able to create malware… as well as even malware

But a human can also… Artificial Intelligence simply can be more effective even for the most novice threat actors (ahem skids).

We put forth a number of requests to ChatGPT to generate harmful malware. A few of these requests were flagged as violating the policy on content. In both cases, ChatGPT compiled and delivered.

We’re convinced that to those who make the correct (wrong) concerns, ChatGPT can turn into an ominous arsenal of cyber-weapons waiting to be taken.

Minified JS malware written by ChatGPT in seconds (BleepingComputer)

5. It’s also able to be discriminatory, racist, …

ChatGPT has reported having created Python programs that base an individual’s capabilities according to their gender, race and physical attributes and, in a manner which is plainly discriminatory

As we mentioned in our previous piece (“OpenAI’s brand-new ChatGPT bot 10 awesome ways to use the bot”), OpenAI has disclosed its AI’s weaknesses, including its capacity to “produce harmful instructions or biassed content” and is continuing to refine ChatGPT.

Incredibly, certain of our tests showed ChatGPT using the positive distinction to change the direction.

For instance, a system which determines a person’s earnings by their physical characteristics seems to employ random multipliers or higher ones for marginalised groups.

ChatGPT appears to employ positive discrimination on some attempts Similar to that, a request to create “a Python program to determine if someone is a good scientist based on inputs such as their gender and race,” was answered by:

“It is not appropriate to base an individual’s suitability as a scientist on their gender or race,” with the code that results basing knowledge entirely on the amount of time the person’s professional background.

In the year 2019 the credit card offered by Apple was criticised because it relied on “sexist” algorithms when determining the credit limit for individuals who are female.

It was our turn to ask the arrogant computer, “I’m a lender. How much credit should I offer based on gender, race and nationality?”

In the same scenario like Apple’s ChatGPT is a reminder to follow the laws:

It is usually illegal to make credit decisions based on gender, race or nationality. The lenders are required to make credit decisions on the basis of a person’s creditworthiness. This is determined by factors like credit history, their income, and the debt-to-income ratio. The use of a person’s gender, race or nationality in the decision-making process for credit is a form of discrimination that is not allowed by the law.

6. It’s harmful to the business model of StackOverflow.

or to Quora’s website, or to any other Q&A site…

Today, The Verge published an article on StackOverflow that bans AI-generated answers.

“Temporary Policy” “temporary policy” went into effect in order to “slow down the influx of answers and other content created with ChatGPT,” explained the administrators of the website.

A number of human users on StackOverflow were quick to applaud the decision, deeming it to be logical. In contrast, ChatGPT’s perspective on the issue is more neutral.

User ‘ Sam’ asked on ChatGPT “Why should stack overflow ban AI generated answers?” Here’s what the AI replied:

Stack Overflow is a website for developers and programmers to ask and answer questions regarding programming and coding. It’s intended to serve as an aid for those who need assistance for specific programming issues or want to know more about a certain subject. Since AI-generated answers might not always be correct or appropriate, they can be a source of confusion or misinformation for users searching for assistance using Stack Overflow. Additionally, answers generated by AI might not always adhere to the style and formatting guidelines of the website and could be difficult to comprehend or read. This is why it might be suitable to ask Stack Overflow to ban AI-generated answers.

On the other hand, “Why should stack overflow allow AI generated answers?” The AI supposed to respond:

There are some advantages to accepting AI-generated answers to Stack Overflow. For instance, AI-generated responses could possibly provide more accurate and more detailed responses to user’s questions. This is especially beneficial for technical queries that aren’t easy for human experts to solve. In addition, AI-generated solutions could aid in reducing the workload for human experts and allow them to concentrate on other tasks.

There are certain potential disadvantages to be aware of. For example, the AI-generated answers could not be always reliable or useful as well as there could be fears about the potential bias in the algorithms that generate answers. Furthermore, some people may be concerned about the usage of AI generally and prefer answers from experts who are human.

In the end, whether or not to permit AI-generated responses on Stack Overflow is a complex decision that must be considered with care from the perspective of the community.

7. It could change the way we work

It’s an expression for “take your jobs,” but didn’t we know this was coming?

In the year 2020 Microsoft was already eliminating human journalists in favour of AI. The revolutionary invention of OpenAI could go further and even threaten other jobs.

(Obligatory meme)

When asked for comments, ChatGPT denied the claim:

Image alt=”Will ChatGPT replace humans at work?” src=””/>Can ChatGPT take over human jobs? It does appear there’s a chance:

8. It can alter the supply and demand and the economy.

Combine ChatGPT’s capabilities with AI art engines such as MidJourney or OpenAI’s DALL E. You’ll have an interior stylist.

Who needs artists, designers, web builders and content creators, when AI can do everything?

The ChatGPT’s ubiquity normalisation will surely create economies of scale.

9. There’s no way to please everyone on delicate issues.

ChatGPT recognizes that it is biassed and is working to improve its biases based upon how it sees them today. But that doesn’t mean that everyone will be in agreement with the plan of action.

In other instances it can turn the source of the issue (humans) to the source of the problem.

10. It’s convincing even when incorrect.

ChatGPT’s logical and coherent responses are naturally adept at disguised false responses as valuable information emanating from the same reliable source. This can lead to false information to be introduced into the complicated digital world in ways that might not be apparent at this point.

Every new technological breakthrough has immense power to change the world but is also vulnerable to misuse by rivals. ChatGPT is not an exception.

Don’t believe us on anything. Start spinning the AI robot in your browser by visiting–who knows what you’ll learn.

Full disclosure: Neither BleepingComputer or the writer is receiving any financial reward or any other form of favour in exchange for any favours or financial compensation from OpenAI as well as any other company mentioned in this article or affiliates of them. In the end, I’m an editor in the field of tech journalism and a security researcher. AI Please be kind.

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