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Exploring the power of Ghost CMS: A Review

Introduction to Ghost CMS

Ghost is a non-profit organization which is not able to be bought or sold. This is unique to the CMS platform, and it sets Ghost above its competitors.

Ghost is also totally independent and is entirely funded by revenues from customers that they earn through the Ghost Pro completely managed service.

In addition to Ghost’s software as open-source, they also are open about their financials and their backstory.

When we began looking for the best new CMS it was this feature that attracted us to Ghost. We were impressed by the level of transparency Ghost provides and believed they were a good choice to trust to manage our site.

Ghost provides two options to users. Ghost open-source and Ghost Pro. Here’s a quick overview of the options.

  1. Ghost Open Source Free program that lets you host and manage yourself
  2. Ghost PRO is a paid website run by Ghost with more advanced features

Is Ghost for you?

If you’re planning to launch your first website or are looking for a blogging platform which is better than what you currently have you’ll have to conduct some investigation. Although it may be a bit daunting, it’s the only way to choose the ideal web-building software for your needs.

You’ve probably heard of the major players:, Squarespace, and Wix. They’ve done a great job of promoting their names on the internet, to the point so that they’re now household names.

However,, just like its name, isn’t so popular. With just 7700 active users by 2021, the open-source website builder hasn’t received the same amount of recognition as its rivals.

However, Ghost is different in some ways and may be the ideal solution for your needs on the web.


Is Ghost a tool for building websites?

No. Ghost is a CMS. Website builders are not the same as a CMS. With Ghost you can have the option of choosing your providers in hosting, templates, and integrations. You’ll need to purchase everything in one package including a website creator from the exact company.

Does Ghost come with plugins?

No. Ghost CMS has integrations. In actual use, integrations perform all the things that plugins do. But, they differ since you don’t have to install anything for integrations to function.

Additionally, integrations usually have lesser security issues and do not negatively affect speed, which is an advantage.

How do I enable payments through Ghost?

  1. Set the settings;
  2. Memberships;
  3. Simply click on “Connect with Stripe”;
  4. Connect or create to your Stripe account.
  5. Define the price and tiers
  6. Save.

Is Ghost a good tool for blogging?

Ghost CMS’s primary emphasis is on blogging and they’re great at doing it! As a default, all websites are safe, fast and SEO optimised from the beginning.

They perform well and don’t require any technical setup in the case of managed hosting.

What makes Ghost Unique?

One example is that Ghost was funded through the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign back in the year 2013. The company is still a non-profit organisation. Their entire income goes into the development of their features. This means that the company is far more transparent than competitors regarding the development process and its expenses.

A fascinating backstory isn’t enough to think about using this software. The reason is that Ghost is similar to WordPress in a variety of ways. A good example is that it’s an open source blogging platform and, consequently, absolutely accessible for download as well as use. Additionally, like WordPress, Ghost started out as a publishing platform that focuses on providing an excellent writing experience.

But what makes Ghost is the fact that it has stuck to its original objective throughout its entire growth. In this way, it provides writing and publishing options for journalists and bloggers which aren’t often seen in other builders of websites.

We believe that Ghost is worth a closer look. Therefore, in the following review, we’ll show all you should be aware of about this web-building software!

Ghost Website Builder Review: Customer Support

If you have ever encountered issues in the course of using ghost. In this case you’ll have access to its online assistance centre. There are a lot of tutorials and guides on how to utilise the tools. Help documentation for users is thorough and easy to follow. There’s also a developer’s forum where you can talk to your fellow developers and share tips and tips and.

If you’d like to reach Ghost’s customer service team you’ll need to be the Ghost Pro user and enable email support.

Ghost Website Builder Review: Final Verdict

In the end We think Ghost is a pretty powerful platform with a lot of features available – particularly its publishing and writing tools. The platform has everything you require to build stunning blogs with excellent features.

Additionally, the advanced SEO features that are included in the framework allow you to improve your website’s content for search engines , without the cost per month of the plugin.

Customised post templates and guest author invitations are both great features for anyone who is serious about managing websites or blogs.

If your website is specifically focused on news, journalism or writing that is creative, Ghost has plenty to offer! However it’s capabilities aren’t quite as extensive. It’s easy to see why it hasn’t had the same amount of popularity as its rivals. It’s extremely specific and not nearly as flexible.

In addition, because of Ghost’s open-source nature and a small community size, Ghost cannot be built on. For bloggers who are just hobbyists, Ghost is too powerful and complicated. On the other hand it could be too limited for anyone who is looking to start an online store that is fully functional.

If you’re not sure if Ghost is the best choice to make, then why not not to download it now? It’s free which means you’ve absolutely nothing at stake and all to gain from taking a test. If you choose to pursue this route Let us know in the comments section below what you thought of it. 

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