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Ghost CMS

Ghost CMS: Content Management

What exactly is Ghost CMS?

First released in 2013, Ghost was released in 2013. It is an open-source and free blogging system.

It’s created in JavaScript and is distributed by the MIT licence.

This Ghost blog software is focused on the simplification of online publishing procedure for entrepreneurs, publishers and developers.

Ghost Foundation is an organisation for non-profit purposes that can’t be purchased or sold and is funded by subscription revenues from customers.

Easy to use:

Let’s look at Ghost CMS’s usability.

Easy and effective are words that are often thrown around when you’re using the Ghost blog platform. You can download it from the Ghost website and get started as soon as possible. Don’t expect much out of Ghost CMS: Ghost CMS was created to serve one purpose and only one thing for one thing – Ghost Blogger. Ghost blogger. If you’re looking for that it’s fine If you require bells and whistles to create an even more sophisticated site however, we recommend you take a look elsewhere.

Comparison to Ghost

  • Ghost and WordPress .com: is a hosted version of the well-known WordPress CMS. It’s ideal for those who are new to the field and small companies who are looking for an easy-to- make use of and affordable way to create and host their websites without requiring any technical knowledge. The primary benefit for Ghost is its emphasis on speed and ease of use as opposed to, whereas has additional features, integrations as well as support.
  • Ghost and Squarespace: Squarespace is a site builder which has a broad selection of design templates. It’s ideal for small-scale businesses and those who want an all-in-one tool to create attractive websites.

Ghost CMS Features


What’s the point of blogging if nobody even is reading it?

Ghost CMS has excellent built-in SEO options. There is no need to add any load on the CMS to optimise it for SEO.

SEO options built into the Ghost CMS Ghost CMS

  • Structured Data: pages included in Ghost CMS support structured data by default. It’s extremely useful to show beautiful results on search engines.
  • AMP: Ghost CMS also has core capabilities for AMP. It’s a breakthrough technology that allows for a speedy loading of websites.
  • Responsive: As we see an rise in the use of mobile phones It is imperative to design websites that are optimised to work on smaller screen sizes. Ghost themes are fully mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • RSS: RSS feeds are vital and essential to be used in a number of applications. GHost CMS have nice support of RSS feeds to allow sharing of your content across many platforms.
  • Sitemap: How do we not forget the forest of indexing for search. Ghost CMS has an inbuilt sitemap generator, which generates and updates your sitemap on each new version.

These are the primary reasons Ghost is a great choice for blogging with a minimal amount of effort.

Themes and Customizations

A well-designed theme draws users’ interest and helps make your website stand out from the competition. It is crucial to make use of the engaging and attractive layout of your site.

Ghost has a variety of themes that are fully responsive and stunning. They are simple and optimised for reading without distractions.

A theme marketplace built into the site that offers theme options for premium as well as free

It’s easy to design your own theme with Ghost CMS. The themes utilise handlebars to add data, which is simple to master.


Integrations function as a light plugin systems that let you add other services on our website. Ghost CMS has built-in integrations to hundreds of different services. The greatest part is that you are able to integrate custom integrations.

There are integrations with Disqus Google analytics Stripe payment processing, Slack AMP and many other helpful services.

One click integration to the most popular of services.

Below is a complete listing of services accessible to integrate in Ghost CMS.

Simple Import from WordPress

Ghost comes with a specific plugin that can be installed directly into WordPress in order to save the files. The next step is to go to the Ghost admin area and upload an archive file.

Two steps to complete move between WordPress into Ghost CMS.

Import content easily with just one click

If you are using extensively customised WordPress then there are certain issues that you have to do it yourself, after you import the content.


Ghost was intended to be a lighter alternative to WordPress that would concentrate on blogging. It has the advantage of speed.

SpreadPrivacy blog using Ghost

Ghost is extremely light and runs on the latest technologies such as Node.js which makes Ghost CMS super quick.

Speed is a crucial aspect of SEO and here Ghost receives an added SEO benefit due to speed. It is also simple to expand Ghost CMS for millions of users.

Built-in Membership Support

Due to the increasing use of Ad Blockers The model of revenue from membership is the most effective way to maintain the website.

Members management inside dashboard

Ghost CMS has in-built options to manage members. It is compatible with Stripe payments and member management. Both are integrated into the core features of the CMS.

Open Source

The greatest thing is that the Ghost CMS is Open source. The code is on GitHub.

Ghost CMS is totally free for everyone and can be hosted on services that use Node.js. There’s a huge community of users behind Ghost CMS and development is extremely busy.


Ghost CMS has useful REST API’s which can be used in any application like mobile apps or use frontend technologies like React and Vue easily.

Headless CMS

Ghost is also a headless CMS. This means that you can use it with nearly all static website generators to build static websites.

Websites that are static are becoming popular day by day due to the low cost (say no cost) hosting as well as a very rapid speed.

It’s certain that static website generators are the future, and we’ll require a headless CMS such as Ghost to better manage content.

Final Words

If you’re searching for an alternative to a Content Management System, Ghost Headless CMS may be the one you’re looking for. However, you must be sure to thoroughly review what it can offer prior to committing to it, since some of it will require an understanding of programming or HTML and CSS.

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