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The Best Blog CMS Platform: A Comprehensive Review



Ghost Is an open-source blogging platform for authors and other digital content creators. Ghost was founded with the intention of blogging in mind.

The interface and features have been kept simple to reflect this. Their site is easy to navigate for beginners, and their interface is clear and clutter-free.

Ghost recently added newsletter and membership features to make it easier for content creators looking to monetize. Creators have the option to add a payment gateway so that they can sell access. Ghost allows users to create professional-looking email newsletters for their subscribers.

What is Ghost CMS?

Ghost CMS allows you to publish your blog, newsletter, or membership group on a digital platform.

Ghost’s user-friendly interface, thousands of themes and advanced integrations make Ghost one of the most popular ways to create a blog or website.

Ghost was founded with the intention of blogging as their primary focus. The interface and features have been kept simple to reflect this. Their site is easy to navigate for beginners, and their interface is clear and clutter-free.

Ghost recently added a membership option that’s perfect for content creators looking to monetize. You can sell access to your content by adding a payment gateway to the membership feature.

Ghost allows users to create professional looking email newsletters for their subscribers. Users can ensure that their blog is seen by people who are interested without having to rely on complex email marketing systems, social media marketing or manual content promotion.

Monetary policy of Ghost 

Ghost, as we mentioned, is completely free to download and install. You can easily create a website at your leisure and without any cost. You can customize the website to your liking until it is perfect.

You will need to choose a hosting provider to publish your website and register a domain. Other tools that integrate with Ghost are also available, or you might choose to spend more on a premium theme.

You can host your website if you own a server. As long as you are proficient in the process. Ghost Pro is an alternative. Ghost Pro is a managed hosting solution that’s only available to Ghost users. These premium services are available for 14-days free of charge.

The Starter Plan

This service costs $9 per month. Ghost’s setup and installation are handled for you. This plan also facilitates:

  • Your site can receive up to 25k visits per month
  • 1,000 members
  • One employee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Ghost’s CDN is available for faster loading speeds
  • A custom domain can be connected.
  • Access to basic integrations such as Slack and Unsplash.
  • 15 Free Themes
  • Server maintenance
  • Backups are important
  • Management of threat and uptime

The Basic Plan

You get all the benefits of the Starter package for $29 per month. However, your limits can be increased to:

  • 100k views per month
  • Two staff members can be registered.
  • You can also access Ghost’s API and Github.

Basic migration assistance will also be provided, including migrations from Substack and Medium, Patreons, MailChimps, Revenue, Revenue, Buttondown, and MailChimp.

The Standard Plan

You get all the above plus $79 per Month.

  • 500k views per month
  • Up to five employees can be added
  • Your subscription plans can accommodate up to 8,000 members.
  • Priority support
  • Additional migration assistance for tools such as WordPress, Podia and Memberful.

You can also add a custom SSL certificate to your order if you pay $25 more per month.

The Business Plan

Ghost’s most comprehensive plan costs $199 per month and can handle as many as 1,000,000 views per month, 15 staff members, and 35,000 users. A custom SSL certificate and uptime guarantee of 99.9% are included. A dedicated account manager is available to assist you with migrations for HubSpot or Rebel Mouse. You can also unlock managed subdirectories for $50 more per month.

What roles can Ghost allow you to assign to your members?

allows users the ability to give members different roles to help manage their website or contribute to it.


This is the base user-level in . Contributors have the ability to edit and create draft posts. They are not able to publish posts or edit drafts by others. Contributors can only access your publication as a basic user.


Ghost’s second user level is Authors. Authors have the ability to create, edit, and publish their own posts. Authors are trusted users. If you don’t trust users to publish their own posts, they can be made Contributors.


Editors are third-level users in Ghost. Editors have the same capabilities as Authors, but can also edit and post posts by others. Editors have the option to invite new Authors/Contributors to the site.


Administrator is Ghost’s highest user level. Administrators can perform all the Authors and Editors tasks, but they can also modify any site settings and data. Administrators also have full access to manage and remove other users from the site.

The Owner

Ghost sites can only be owned by one person. The owner is a special user who has all the same permissions and privileges as Administrators, with two exceptions.

Owners cannot be deleted. And in certain circumstances, the owner will be able to access additional settings. Ghost (Pro) allows you to view billing information and Lab’s settings for members.

What payment methods does Ghost accept?

Ghost accepts major credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. They also accept bank transfers or bitcoin for annual prepaid accounts that are part of Enterprise or Business plans. Ghost does not accept PayPal.

Themes of Ghost CMS

Similar to other builders of websites, Ghost also offers a selection of themes that are free and premium in its marketplace for themes. They are categorised such as magazines, newsletters, documentation photography, podcasts projects, travel, and more. There are 15 completely free Ghost themes that you can choose from.

It is also possible to create custom themes using Ghost’s theme guidelines. The themes are built using handlebars.js by default. It is easy to master yet robust! All assets of the theme are automatically optimized and cached to ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, you can create specific routing and templates to accommodate various data structures.

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